‘The House’: Netflix’s latest animated marvel is a nightmare of absurd humor in stop motion

Home‘ (The House, 2022), one of Netflix’s first original releases of the year, is a haunting anthology of animation that has been billed as a dark comedy, but hides much more behind it. It is divided into three chapters, each directed by a different director, and all of which explore a different story related to the same house that connects each short film, which also have in common the delicious stop-motion technique, and a haunting tone.

‘The House’ begins with a story directed by Emma de Swaef and Mac James Roels, about a poor 19th century family who receive an offer they can’t refuse from an eccentric millionaire named Van Schoonbeck, who will build them a mansion for free if they leave his house. modest little house The new abode is huge, and a bit stuffy, and the eldest daughter, Mabel, discovers that the millionaire is constantly making changes, and his manager, Mr. Thomas, is slowly going insane.


‘Heat 2’ will arrive this year: Michael Mann announces the release date of the novel that works as a prequel and sequel to his legendary thriller

In June 2019 we learned that the inexhaustible Michael Mann, who at 78 continues to be one of the freshest voices in the North American industry, had ‘Heat 2’ ready for candy; the continuation in novel form of his fantastic feature film released in 1995 which, as he commented on the ‘One Heat Minute’ podcast, should have been released in 2020 under the Harper Collins label. (more…)