Beavers will return to London waters

A reintegration program seeks its return four centuries later to the marshy areas of the north of the city, specifically in Tottenham. An American beaver works on his dam in Grand Teton National Park, WyomingShutterstock The beavers will return after four centuries to the marshy areas of north London, specifically in Tottenham, not far from

Up to 2,500 million in the air: this will be the first July without British in history

This July will be the first without British tourists due to the quarantine that the United Kingdom establishes for citizens returning from Spain British tourists in Menorca. CRISTINA DOLZ EMILIA G. MORALES Updated Saturday, July 3, 2021 – 02:00 The second pandemic summer begins with the promise of consolidating the economic recovery, but with many

Historic agreement in the OECD to establish a common minimum tax of 15% for multinationals

The OECD expects this framework to generate $ 126.4 billion in annual tax revenue for governments around the world Mathias Cormann, in a file image. The countries that debate within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have reached an agreement this Thursday to reform the international tax system and that includes, as planned,

CaixaBank agrees with the unions 6,452 exits in its ERE, 1,800 less than initially proposed

The bank had ceded numerous positions in the last trading days before the deadline for reaching an agreement expired this Wednesday. CaixaBank workers demonstration in Madrid.JM CADENA After two days of marathon meetings, the CaixaBank management and the unions representing the workforce yesterday approached positions regarding what will be the largest ERE in the history

Daniele Franco: "It is important for the EU that Italy and Spain use EU funds well"

Italian Minister of Economy The Italian Minister of Economy will preside over the next G20 meeting in Venice and defends maintaining the stimuli until the crisis is overcome, but redirecting them more to growth, because obviously, the current deficit levels will have to be significantly reduced. The Minister of Economy of Italy, Daniele FrancoMatteo NardonePacific

The CPI fell one tenth in June, to 2.6%, due to gasoline

With the June data, the year-on-year CPI chains its sixth consecutive positive rate and continues at its highest levels since 2017 A woman walks past a shop in full liquidation.THE WORLD The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.4% in June compared to the previous month and placed its interannual rate at 2.6%, one tenth below