Red card: The three antecedents that Fernando Iglesias should study

The macrista deputy Fernando Iglesias will have to face a request for expulsion from the Lower House presented by 15 deputies from the Frente de Todos “For the misogynistic and sexist, verbal and psychological violence that it systematically exerts against women”. A complex political process, which requires special majorities and which Since the return of

The risk of falling into provocations

There was a post, among so many that happened to the unusual episodes of these days, that spoke of a definitive “capusottization” of politics. He alluded to Florencio Randazzo and his inconceivable spot, if perhaps an adjective capable of qualifying the fictionalization of his supposed dialogue with CFK in 2015 can be tried. It would


A network of companies with repeating names around the figure of Mauricio Macri was detected and sanctioned by the Justice Inspection (IGJ) from the investigation into the so-called “blind trust” of the former president. One characteristic that unites the firms studied is that during the years of the Cambiemos government they were able to move

Who will be exempted by covid from voting in the STEP

The National Electoral Chamber (CNE) arranged that citizens in isolation due to confirmed contagion of covid-19 or who have compatible symptoms (“suspicious case“) with that disease, as well as those who are close contact from another infected, will be authorized not to vote in legislative elections of this year. The same exception will apply to

Patricia Bullrich went out to bank the misogynistic sayings of Fernando Iglesias against Florencia Peña

Fernando Iglesias placeholder image received new support from Juntos por el Cambio after his misogynistic statements against Florencia Peña. This time, she was the president of the PRO, Patricia bullrich, who came out to defend the macrista deputy: “An interpretive effort must be made to reach the conclusion that it was gender violence”said the former