Rescue workers in Japan search for survivors after mudslide

A man recovers in a center after the mudslide that affected Atami in the department of Shizuoka on July 4, 2021 / AFP Japanese rescuers were on Sunday looking for possible survivors in the coastal town of Atami, the scene of a huge mudslide, climbing over cracked roofs and searching cars thrown at buildings, as

Anabel Pantoja shows the sequels after passing through ‘Survivors’

Anabel Pantoja traveled to Honduras two weeks ago to give her a surprise her boyfriend, Omar Sánchez, who was in low spirits at Survivors. His criticized performance during the hours he was next to the contestants for the information he offered them from outside could have economic retaliation by the organization. However, it is not

Albert confesses that ‘Survivors’ is scripted

Albert Álvarez, contestant of Survivors in the 2019 edition, he has confessed that reality is limited by organization and that survival has little … or nothing. In a confession to his companion in the house of [email protected], where he currently participates, has recognized that he would like to have a “real” survival experience, since he

‘Survivors’: Melyssa receives medical attention after the infernal Ferris wheel, which makes Olga leader for another week

At the gala of Survivors issued this Wednesday, there was room for emotions, scolding, nominations, crying … and even scares. TO Melyssa is still resisting the infernal ferris wheel, a test that has starred in several of the worst moments of the young woman in the reality. From the first time she faced the challenge,