Coronavirus Spain live | They find a superantibody capable of blocking variants of SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses

The incidence of coronavirus has increased again and this Thursday had reached 500.7 cases, with which the transmission rate of the Covid-19 on Espaa doubles the level of extreme risk (more than 250), and the increase in infections of coronavirus it is already beginning to be noticed in the ucis, where employment grows four tenths,

The third dose is already a reality in Israel

Israel is the first country to inject the third dose of Pfizer, although only for the highest risk group in order to strengthen their defenses. Third dose vaccination at the Sheba center in Tel Aviv.JACK GUEZAFP At Sheba Hospital in central Israel, Idit Shemesh has been one of the first people in the world to

Health will begin to distribute among the CCAA the item of 400 million for 2021 of the Recovery Plan

Updated Tuesday, July 13, 2021 – 18:41 Under the name of proposed agreement and with the signature of Patricia Lacruz, general director of the Common Portfolio of Services of the National Health and Pharmacy System, the Ministry of Health will take this Wednesday to the Plenary of the Interterritoria Council Become Premium from € 1

25 megacities produce more than half of urban CO2 emissions

It is estimated that the world’s 50 largest cities together emit the equivalent of 2,600 megatons of CO2 per year, surpassed only nationally by China, the United States and India. A man protects himself from pollution in Beijing, ChinaCARLOS GARCA RAWLINSREUTERS A total of 25 megacities (23 of them in China) are responsible for 52%

Having many friends on social networks is a risk factor for developing mobile addiction, according to a study

Researchers have analyzed the social media behavior of almost 3,000 users Passengers wait in Atocha mobile in hand.ANDRS RODRGUEZ A study in which the Political University of Madrid (UPM) has linked the digital social pressure and the number of followers or friends that a person has on the networks with their chances of developing an

The president of Laboratorios Rovi, Juan López-Belmonte, dies

Rovi has stated that she is always grateful “for the commendable work carried out by its president and that we honor his example” Archive photograph of Juan Lpez-Belmonte Lpez.EFE The until now president of Rovi Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Juan Lpez-Belmonte Lpez, has died, as the company itself has communicated to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

The foreign press focuses on the fifth wave in Spain: "A spectacular speed of propagation"

‘Le Monde’ and the ‘Financial Times’ open their online editions warning of the explosion of Delta variant infections among young people Tourists at the Palma de Mallorca airport.ENRIQUE CALVOREUTERS “The Delta variant of Covid-19 and an increase in infections among younger and unvaccinated people have catapulted the rate of coronavirus on Espaa to the highest

Why we can never live with Covid as with the flu

The future after the pandemic The two diseases have characteristics in common, from many of the symptoms to the means of transmission, but the coronavirus is much more contagious. And more lethal Sanitarians with protective suits against the coronavirus.EDGARD GARRIDOREUTERS How similar and how different is Covid from gripe? In these long months the comparisons