Brazil’s Supreme Court orders to investigate Bolsonaro for ‘fake news’

The Superior Federal Court (STF) ordered on Wednesday to investigate the president Jair Bolsonaro for crimes of “slander” and “incitement to crime”, among other causes related to their questioning without evidence of the electronic voting system in Brazil. We recommend you: Bolsonaro assures that in his mandate there has not been “a mark of corruption”

The suicide of the elderly: an unthought of research?

Since the start of the health crisis, the issue of suicide has returned to the media scene. But if the suicide of young people or suicide at work concentrates scientific research, the suicides of the elderly remain little studied. However, this is the category of the population for which the suicide rate is the highest.

The ‘LuxLetters’ and Spain in Saint Petersburg

Is the tax opacity still in Luxembourg? How has the research? What are the Tax Rulings? And the Information Letters? What European directives does it violate? Pablo Herraiz, journalist of THE WORLD Investigator, answers these questions. The Spanish National Team is playing in the quarterfinals of the Euro against Switzerland. The match is played in

To the re about audiovisual perdut

Fa uns dies will be presented to l’Ateneu Barcelonès el llibre Molt in favor, in which set linguists develop a series of propositions for the promotion of the language and to which Quadern ja going to dedicate an extensive report. In that act is going to produce an interesting intervention by Isona Passola, director of

Brazil’s environment minister resigns cornered by investigation into illegal timber smuggling

The Federal Police accused him of having hindered the investigations into the largest seizure of timber in history, tons of tropical timber that was to be exported illegally to the United States and Europe. Jair Bolsonaro (i) and Ricardo Salles (r), in an image from February.EVARISTO SAAFP The hitherto Minister of the Environment of Brazil,

Mexican deputies ask to investigate if Podemos financed López Obrador’s party

They have requested the Mexican Financial Intelligence Unit for Neurona payments in Mexico Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador.Mario GuzmnEFE Deputies of the former ruler Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) they asked this Tuesday to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Mexico investigate whether the president’s party Andrs Manuel López Obrador received funding from We can. According to

Fifth resignation at the Medina del Campo Hospital after the alleged sexual abuse of a deceased doctor was revealed

The vice president and spokesman of the Government of Castilla y Len, Francisco Igea, denies that there has been “concealment” although he defends that the investigation of the Board is reserved Francisco Igea, in his appearance this Thursday after the Governing CouncilNacho GallegoEFE Fifth resignation at the Medina del Campo hospital, in the province of