Elections 2021: Víctor Raúl Rodríguez Monteza was notified about his incorporation to the JNE

The Public Ministry reported that Víctor Raúl Rodríguez Monteza had already been notified about his immediate incorporation to the National Elections Jury (ETC.), replacing Luis Arce Córdova, who declined the post last Wednesday. SIGHT: Víctor Rodríguez Monteza appointed before the plenary session of the JNE Through his Twitter account, he detailed that the notification to

Keiko Fujimori: PJ declares unfounded request to vary appearance with restrictions for preventive detention

Judge Víctor Zúñiga Urday declared unfounded the prosecutor’s request to vary the summons with restrictions against Keiko Fujimori and preventive detention is issued against him again. After hearing the arguments of the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez and the lawyer Giulliana Loza, the magistrate rejected the request of the Public Ministry, but at the same time

Keiko Fujimori faces third request for preventive detention

For the third time, defending Keiko Fujimori He will have to face in a public hearing a request for preventive detention from the Public Ministry against the leader of Fuerza Popular for the judicial process on the alleged illegal contributions to the electoral campaigns of 2011 and 2016. Judge Víctor Zúñiga Urday, in charge of

Borba’s downfall: defense of the mayors says that “essential issues were not analyzed” in the instruction

The defense of the mayors of Borba who are going to trial for the collapse of a municipal road considered today that “essential issues were not analyzed” in the instruction and that there was a “hurry” by the Public Ministry (MP) to “find responsible”. “This is a phase of the criminal process in which the

Another house in San Francisco is raided; find Panama Solidario bags

The Superior Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Ruth Morcillo, explained that the Primary Care Section carried out the raid, after information disclosed on social networks. Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office started a investigation from job for the alleged commission of crime against Public administration, after a raidor performed in a home, located in the district of San Francisco, where i

Ventura wants prosecutors to investigate whether there was pressure from Russia in the case of activists

The president of Chega said this Thursday, in Santarém, that the Public Prosecutor’s Office should investigate whether there was pressure for personal data of Russian activists to have been provided to Moscow and asked Fernando Medina to take “political consequences of this situation”. André Ventura, who participated this Thursday in a protest against the “discrimination