By mistake, they vaccinate a pregnant woman against COVID-19 twice in one day in Tamaulipas

According to national media, in Altamira, Tamaulipas, a pregnant woman was vaccinated by mistake, twice against COVID-19. They add that the subdelegate for Federal Programs in Tamaulipas, Elizabeth Cruz, confirmed that she received information about a pregnant woman who received the COVID-19 vaccine twice. The official explained that when the woman arrived at the vaccination

Shock in the 35th week: “Hunched over with pain” – Eva Benetatou had to go to the clinic

Düsseldorf – In the 35th week of pregnancy, the former “Bachelor” candidate Benetatou (29) caused a moment of shock on Saturday (May 22nd). Eva Benetatou fought for Andrej Mangold’s heart on “The Bachelor” Eva Benetatou is expecting a child from ex-boyfriend Chris Broy Heavily pregnant Eva Benetatou had to go to hospital The 29-year-old had

Kendall Jenner receives a bath of criticism for the announcement of her new drink: "Who drinks tequila in glasses?"

The model and influence Kendall Jenner has returned to star in a controversy around his new drink, a tequila produced in Jalisco that he has named “818” and which went on sale this week. Jenner ya hhad received numerous criticisms for cultural appropriation -especially by his Mexican fans- when he announced last February that he

The confessed murderer of his pregnant ex-partner in Mallorca: "I killed Warda and the child, if you want to see him they are at home"

The 28-year-old woman allegedly murdered along with her 7-year-old son in Sa Pobla (Mallorca) by her husband returned to live with the man in 2019 after reporting him the previous year for assaulting her, a situation that had already occurred in 2012. On both occasions, the woman was incorporated into the protection program for complainants