Peru: Keiko Fujimori takes aim against democracy

From Lima Defeated at the polls and her maneuvers failed to snatch victory from rural professor and left-wing unionist Pedro Castillo with unfounded claims of electoral fraud, the right-wing Keiko Fujimori shoots against the democracy and stability of the next government. In a clear coup stance, the daughter of the imprisoned ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori, who

Peru elections 2021: follow the latest news today, July 7

:icon:08:42 | JNE: What is missing for me to announce the results of the second round? | From the JNE, it is expected not to exceed July 15 to resolve the dispute between Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori, although there are some pending issues to be clarified previously. :icon:08:41 | Good Morning. We begin with

Power on the margins

Last week I wrote about how legitimacy originates from the electoral process and is then built up or squandered in the first steps of the ruler, even before taking office. In any political system – but in particular one like ours – order is built not only from legitimacy, or fictitious forces, as Paul Valéry

They are not resigned, damn, by Fernando Vivas

As the JNE advances through thick and thin, Keiko Fujimori and a few allies insist on the fraud story. They have not lowered their tone even after the painful performance of the four sent to lobby before the OAS. Last Saturday there was no rally, as was the custom in recent weeks. That led some

Peru: Support for Pedro Castillo on Teacher’s Day

From Lima This Tuesday, on Teacher’s Day, there was mobilizations throughout the country in defense of the election as new president of the teacher and union member Pedro Castillo, which the right pretends to ignore. According to the final official count, Castillo won the June 6 ballot with 50.12 percent, just over 44 thousand votes

Peru elections 2021: follow the latest news today, Tuesday, July 6

“That is what we ask, that doubts, irregularities, complaints be reviewed so that there is legitimacy in this electoral process”, he pointed. “[Francisco Sagasti] He said today, sportingly speaking, that we must ‘assume the results, that we must win with humility and lose with nobility’, I am going to answer him in a sporting way

Peru elections 2021: today’s latest news, Monday, July 5

:icon:09:01 | The legislator-elect said he expects what the “Jurisdictional bodies” define and regretted the situation because “it splashes us all”. “We do not do esprit de corps, I respect the jurisdictional bodies and we will wait for what they define, but I do regret some comments that this may generate because it splashes on

Editorial: Order at home

The process of decentralization in Peru brought the decentralization of the functions of the State and of political representation, but also that of corruption. There are several cases of lower-ranking governors, mayors, and regional officials who have been investigated and found guilty of crimes such as bribery or embezzlement in recent decades. In this context,

The truth of the lies

Regardless of whether or not you like the candidacy of Pedro Castillo, everything seems to indicate that he has won the elections and Keiko Fujimori has lost for the third time in a row. But, part of the voters of the latter have gone from frustration, to conspiracy and open coup. The “electoral truth” is