They confirm that the Province will implement the Qunita plan

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Daniel Gollan, confirmed that “the province of Buenos Aires will have a Qunita program”, the plan launched in 2015 “to combat infant mortality” and was later dismantled by the government of Mauricio Macri, after a corruption complaint, which was dismissed last week by the Justice. It is a kits

Marta Cohen claimed Carla Vizzotti for the lack of tests in Argentina: "He answered me with a smile"

Argentine pathologist and pediatrician Marta Cohen, who studied in La Plata and currently works in Great Britain, met with Minister Carla Vizzotti and complained about the lack of coronavirus tests in the country. The meeting took place within the framework of an official visit by the official to the United Kingdom and the presidential adviser,

Colonenses prepare for march and provincial strike [Video]

He explained that the march and unemployment is to draw the attention of the National Government in the face of the crisis that the colonense is experiencing due to high unemployment, lack of basic services and a low economy. Panama- Edgardo Valet, colonial leadere, reiterates the announcement for a provincial strike scheduled on next Wednesday,

Georgina Rodríguez, Hiba Abouk and Marta Lozano dazzle with their looks on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is celebrating its 74th edition after being suspended last year due to the pandemic Faces of the film industry, the small screen, music, aristocracy or art are parading on La Croisette Georgina Rodríguez, Hiba Abouk and Marta Lozano have overshadowed with three spectacular and different outfits on the red carpet The

Pakatnamú horoscope: read the predictions for July 3-9 today

Moche astrologers, those who were perhaps under the dominion of the powerful Lord of Sipan, always maintained close contact with nature and its elements in order to order their own cosmos. This horoscope is based on the teachings of our northern ancestors. Pakatnamú is the name that brings together the magic of these Moche omens,

Marta Sánchez, terrified at the coming of age of her daughter Paula: "I am afraid of the little respect that men have"

Being the daughter of one of the most popular artists in the country places you, voluntarily and involuntarily, under the eye of the press. Paula Cabanas, the daughter of Marta Sanchez, decided to open his Instagram profile a few months ago, making himself known to the public, a controversial decision with which his own mother

United for diversity, the LGBTQI + community holds Gay Pride march

Hundreds of people participated this Saturday in the march of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride after the call to participate and cover the streets with the colors of the rainbow.Two marches were held, by two groups from the community, who, with the same cause, celebrated diversity and continue their fight against discrimination.A