Tinelli v. Gollan and the crude use of a court case

Marcelo tinelli He defended himself from criticism for exhibiting a multitude of people in his program, without distancing and without a mask, with an unjustified attack on the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Daniel Gollan. The official had said: “It is a bad image.” And Tinelli replied that the worst image was a minister (Gollán)

Other than Godzilla vs. Kong

Yes, there was interest in the return of Marcelo Tinelli to television after more than a year of absence. But more (or at least the same) than for the content of his proposal -a refreshed of well-known formulas that they knew how to render him throughout these years and that he has his followers- the

Tinelli opens the doors of "The academy"

The wait was long: a total of fifteen months without Marcelo Tinelli on screen, just when the pandemic forced people to spend more hours at home in front of the television. But today the abstinence finally ends. At 9 pm, at ElTrece, “ShowMatch: La Academia” debuts, the new contest that will combine different artistic disciplines

The Government presented an audiovisual promotion package

The Argentine cultural industry agreed and looks to the future with hope. On one of the most important and supported measures in recent years, the national government launched the Argentine Content Plan, with which it seeks to boost production, value addition, sale of services, international co-production and job creation in one of the sectors most