Max Hernández, executive secretary of the National Agreement: “Society is not polarized, it is very distressed”

He tells us that the president Francisco Sagasti has asked him to National Agreement (AN) study an approach to agreeing on public policies on mental health. Great subject, both pressing and long-term, that concerns him especially as a psychoanalyst and as a citizen in times of the plague. But more pressing is talking about the

Democracy does not play, by Patricia del Río

If you need an explanation about why every five years we reach this point, you only have to look at the discussions on social networks, the anger of those who believe that the other Peruvian votes for the wrong candidate. Hatred prevails, but, above all, an air of superiority has colored the premises with which

Daniel Urresti points out that in the second round “let’s think very clearly what kind of country we want”

The former presidential candidate of Podemos Peru, Daniel Urresti, considered that Peruvians should think “very clearly” what kind of country they want for the next few years, after the June 6 elections. SIGHT: The new strategic messages of Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo When referring to the second round between Pedro Castillo (Free Peru) and

Kenji Fujimori: “To support Keiko to defend the economic model”

Lima, April 24, 2021Updated on 04/24/2021 12:22 pm Kenji Fujimori, former Congressman of the Republic and brother of the presidential candidate for Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori, reappeared this Saturday on his social networks after almost a year and urged citizens to support his sister’s candidacy to – according to him – “defend the economic model.”

Vargas Llosa: “If Castillo won the second round, it would be a real catastrophe because of his government program and his ideas”

The Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa considered this Saturday that in the event that the presidential candidate for Peru Libre, Pedro Castillo, I reached the Presidency of the Republic, it would be a “True catastrophe” for the country because of its government program and its ideas. “I think that in the event that Castillo won

Elections 2021: Ombudsman’s Office calls for political activities for the second round to be virtual

The Ombudsman’s Office It demanded that the political activities to be carried out during the second round of the 2021 General Elections be developed through “virtual or alternative platforms” to avoid COVID-19 infections. SIGHT: Tomás Gálvez: JNJ dismissed him for serious misconduct in the Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto Case Through its social networks, said