‘What time is the orgy?’

‘Overbooking’ of onlookers, paparazzi and hikers willing to catch chub when the free sex and without masks of the Rainbow Family installed in Mansilla de la Sierra transcended. We uncover the latest neohippy scam to Mother Nature: 300 euro slippers, laptops, trips to the cafeteria and more war than love under the Quechua monopoly Read

Jesé Rodríguez is unfaithful to Aurah Ruiz with Sandra Pica, according to ‘Socialité’

Jesé Rodríguez would have again being unfaithful to Aurah Ruiz, according to assures Socialite. On this occasion, the lover would be Sandra Pica, Tom Brusse’s ex-girlfriend who came to Survivors to leave their relationship live. Aurah was already showing recently disappointed in her partner, and showed signs of a major crisis. The rumors go even

Turn in the investigation of the death of two young people in Ibiza: from ‘balconing’ to sexist crime and suicide

Police investigate as sexist murder the death of a 21-year-old woman in Ibiza, allegedly thrown off a hotel balcony after which the man committed suicide, local press reports. The events occurred on Thursday. What at first seemed like an episode of tourists’ balconing, has turned out to be a sexist crime. The victim had dual

PHOTO GALLERY | These are the best-selling cars in May

01.06.2021 – 18:55h Although the rate of enrollment is not ideal, little by little the percentage is improving. In May, the trend shown in April was repeated, with the Arona and Ibiza taking over the top ten thanks to the offers prior to their increasingly upcoming renewal. It must also be said that the Spanish

An Algerian military plane flew to Logroño to pick up Brahim Ghali and turned around upon arrival in Ibiza

The Government has avoided ruling this Tuesday on various information that indicated that an official Algerian Government plane would take off this Tuesday from that country to pick up the leader of the Polisario Front in Spain, Brahim Ghali, and turned around when flying over Ibiza. The flight of the aircraft occurred before the judge