Satse denounces the closure of 2,800 more beds this summer than in 2020, in the middle of the fifth wave: "Is this recognition for being on the front line?"

The fifth hello from covid-19 in Spain it has run amok among the younger population, which is the one that has not yet been vaccinated and already reaches an incidence of 640 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants among people between 20 and 29 years old and 584 cases among those between 12 and 19

Spain takes to the streets to demand justice for Samuel, murdered in A Coruña at the cry of "fagot"

The streets and squares of Galicia have been filled this Monday under the slogan “justice for Samuel” to demand that the circumstances surrounding the death of this 24-year-old young man be clarified due to a brutal beating by more than half a dozen people at dawn last Saturday in A Coruña shouting “fag”. Solidarity with

OPINION | Why has homophobia grown?

Pride week closes with more headlines of homophobic attacks in recent years. One of them allegedly resulted in the murder of Samuel, a twenty-four-year-old young man, in A Coruña. Last Sunday, the Civil Guard did not handle homophobia as the cause of the murder, despite the fact that the friends of the deceased told in

Letter from his friends to Samuel, the young man who was killed in a beating in La Coruña: "We will fight every day for what you deserve: justice"

Samuel’s friends, the young man murdered on Friday night in La Corua, fondly remember him in a letter: “He never got into trouble” Samuel Luiz, at work in a nursing home.E. M. To those who knew Samuel they still have a hard time assimilating what has happened. “He never got into a problem. We never

A video call, the question of homophobic aggression, thirteen detainees … everything about the murder of Samuel

At dawn last Saturday along the promenade of A Coruña, Samuel, a 24-year-old with Brazilian roots, Culleredo’s neighbor who worked as a nursing assistant, received a brutal beating that caused his death. How did the events happen? Investigators have confirmed that the origin of the events is in a confusion around a mobile phone. Apparently,