Elections 2021: last hour and today’s results

14:42 | Dina Boluarte: JEE Lima Centro 1 rejected requests to annul her candidacy for working for Reniec | Mónica Yaya and a manager of the regional government of Piura presented requests to annul the nomination of the first vice president of Peru Libre. 12:13 | Héctor Valer: elected congressman was separated from Renovación Popular

Peru 2021 elections: last minute today, Friday, July 2

“These diplomatic efforts end in statements saying something that more or less wants the Government to say. But this is a political interpretation, this point is not a legal point, it is a political issue “he added. “[¿Qué pruebas tiene para decir eso?] That has been a constant, asking what the tests are. I don’t

JNE advances in resolution of Popular Force appeals

The match Popular Force (FP) again had a setback before the plenary session of the National Elections Jury (JNE), which declared unfounded seven more appeals referring to requests for annulment of the minutes of the second round. On Tuesday, eight files were seen, but one was annulled for having been presented by the alternate legal

Peru elections 2021: last minute, results and more, today

“Indeed, yesterday around noon, the letter arrived at the Government Palace party table. As usual, any communication that has an order, has to go to the advisors to be evaluated. In the afternoon, they should have transferred her to the advisory team. For my part, I am recommending that you have a look at the

Vladimir Cerrón will continue to be disqualified

The former governor of Junín Vladimir Cerrón He will continue to be disqualified from exercising public function after being sentenced for corruption in 2019. This after the resolution of the Second Appeals Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Huancavelica issued on Monday, which declared inadmissible the annulment of the sentence of three years

Peru elections 2021: last hour, results and more today, Monday

Pedro Francke responds to seven economists: “On appointments of civil servants [en MEF y BCR], we have to wait ”| Read the whole interview here . #LOLTIMO Vladimir Cerrn is once again disqualified from exercising public office. The Superior Court of Justice of Huancavelica declared inadmissible the annulment of the sentence of three years in

External or foreign audit

At this point, no one seriously claims that the daughter of Alberto Fujimori has won the elections. Reports from the OAS, European Union and Uniore have recognized that there was no fraud in Peru. Representatives of the governments of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada have declared in the same direction. It is clear

Interesting Times, by Patricia del Río

It is a curse, and as is often the case with popular sayings, its origin is unknown and its authorship apocryphal. Tradition indicates that when the Chinese want to wish you a misfortune they murmur “I hope you live in interesting times.” The phrase is used a lot in English and the Chinese have already