Dog in North Rhine-Westphalia: Walkers find injured puppies – it’s unbelievable what they have brought into the house

Dog in North Rhine-Westphalia: Walkers find injured puppies – it’s unbelievable what they have brought into the house Walkers thought they had brought a puppy into the house. And were wrong. (Symbol image) Photo: imago images / blickwinkel Actually, the walkers in a forest in Hünxe (NRW) thought they had injured one dog rescued. But

What is the company that became the sixth Argentine unicorn?

The Mural company today closed a Series C of 50 million dollars, which allowed it to enter the small table of the “unicorns” and generate that the company is worth over 2 billion dollars. This investment has capital co-directed with Insight Partners and Tiger Global and joins other powers in the country that were already

Group of Salvadorans calls for the repeal of the law for the use of bitcoin

A group of salvadorans solicitous this tuesday the repeal of a law what will allow from September the use from bitcóin What currency from legal course, for being a regulation “imposed” and “without consulting the people.” Salvadorans, members from different unions and associations from University students, they delivered the request with an initiative of repeal

The new reality in La Plata: a company made a job call and demanded the vaccination certificate

The new reality imposed by the pandemic is gradually establishing changes in the different areas and aspects of life. This time the modifications seem to have even reached the employment market, where from the smallest employers to large companies begin to request vaccination against the coronavirus as an essential requirement to access a job. This

Wall Street closes in red and the Dow Jones falls 0.86%

Wall street closed this friday in Red and the Dow Jones of Industrials, its main indicator, descended a 0,86 % in a session of nhuge losses which was influenced by the high inflation data in the US that has led the New York stock market to register accumulated weekly losses. According data at closing from

At least 20 Portuguese businesses affected by violence in South Africa

At least 20 Portuguese businesses in South Africa, mostly in Gauteng, were affected by violent disturbances, looting and intimidation that have intensified in the country in recent days, a source in the Portuguese community told Lusa today. In Johannesburg, the country’s economic capital, at least seven butchers belonging to a Portuguese owner were affected, he