The handball was left out after the fall against Brazil

The Gladiators were eliminated at the end of their fourth presentation in Group A of the Tokyo Olympic Games, falling by a tight 25-23 in the South American classic against Brazil, in the first cross between the two in the history of this competition. The Argentine handball team fell 33-27 in their debut against France,

Marcelo arrives in Brazil to meet Lula first than Bolsonaro

This Friday, the President of the Republic began a four-day trip to Brazil, in which he will be with the current president, Jair Bolsonaro, on a visit that is divided between São Paulo and Brasília, and whose main point is the reopening of the Museum of the Portuguese language, which was the target of a

An intense wave of cold and snow hits the southern part of Brazil

SAINT PAUL Brazil is enduring the worst cold wave since 2013, which yesterday caused sub-zero temperatures in regions of the state of São Paulo and snowfall and snow water in the mountainous regions of the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, bordering the Argentine provinces of Corrientes and Misiones. Scenes of snow

Palmeiras is targeting Bustos

It is a fundamental piece for Independiente. For his deployment on the right wing, his interference in the attack and his sacrifice. Fabricio Bustos recovered his level since the beginning of the semester and Julio César Falcioni he considers it key to the team he intends to build. A group that is in a metamorphosis

Does Bolsonaro lead an international ultra-right league?

From Brasilia Bolsonaro leader of an international ultra-right league? Asking this question makes sense after the Brazilian president received in his office in the Planalto Palace one of the leading figures of the German neo-Nazi movement, Beatrix von Storch. She is part of a dynasty whose most prominent figure was his grandfather, Lutz Graf Schwerin

Polar wave: the videos of the historic snowfall in southern Brazil

A historic snowfall surprised Brazilians in at least 13 cities in Rio Grande do Sul this morning, who saw how a thin layer of snow covered the entire surface. The phenomenon was triggered after a polar air mass entered the region. Soon, the networks were filled with photos and videos. “The cold air