Electoral Court to investigate Bolsonaro for attacks on voting system in Brazil

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) of Brazil decided to investigate the president Jair Bolsonaro for their constant attacks, without evidence, on the legitimacy of the electronic voting system, in force since 1996. We recommend you: Bolsonaro assures that in his mandate there has not been “a mark of corruption” The highest electoral court also agreed

Bolsonaro threatened not to call elections

From Brasilia Jair Bolsonaro threatened, under the pretext of alleged imperfections in the electoral system, to carry out a coup next year, when addressing thousands of followers gathered this Sunday in Brasilia. “Without fair and democratic elections, there will be no elections, “harangued the retired captain. talking on the phone from the presidential mansion. His

Bolsonaro supporters protest in Rio de Janeiro for a change in the voting system

Thousands of supporters of the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, demonstrated this Sunday in the streets of Rio de Janeiro against the electronic voting system, in place since 1996, reported the news agency France-Presse. About three thousand people paraded along Copacabana beach, most of them without masks, and dressed in yellow and green, the colors