Australia to build guided missiles to boost defense capacity

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Australia announced Wednesday it would begin building its own guided missiles in close collaboration with the U.S. as it seeks to boost its defense capabilities. Citing the “changing global environment,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it would partner with a weapons manufacturer to build the missiles in a plan that

Brisbane heads into snap three-day COVID lockdown

Australia’s third-biggest city announces strict stay-home order in bid to stamp out new cluster of cases. Australian authorities announced a snap three-day COVID-19 lockdown in the northern city of Brisbane from Monday afternoon, as they attempt to stamp out an outbreak of the virulent UK variant of the virus. About two million people in the

These Huge 'Demon Ducks' With Squished Brains Were an Extreme Evolutionary Experiment

Back when mega wombats, sheep-sized echidnas, and marsupial lions roamed the ancient lands of Australia, there also lived a gigantic flightless bird. Known by some as the ‘demon duck of doom’, Dromornis stirtoni is described by paleontologist Trevor Worthy as an “extreme evolutionary experiment”.   “It would appear these giant birds were probably what evolution produced

Australia endures droughts, fires, floods and marauding mice

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Rob Costigan bought a rugged farm in rural Australia three years ago with the dream of building it into something he could leave to his kids. One year later, he was needing to truck in water to battle an extreme drought. Then Australia’s deadly wildfires raged perilously close in late