Oblak, a zen master with chevrons

Little given to expressing his emotions, he has 100 stops and almost 20 of the Atltico de Madrid points bear his stamp Oblak stops the ball during training.ATLETICODEMADRID.COM Jan Oblak (1993) is a Zen master. That alone can explain that after marking Luis Surez The goal against Osasuna, the amount that his first league can

The tense week of Atlético and Madrid: memes, tears and penalties

Gimnez, during the training of the Atltico this Monday.atleticodemadrid.com Take your cell phone, if you please. Already? Well. Now, go to the WhatsApp group you have with your soccer friends and please check if you have the following memes (funny photos, go): 1. The one holding the hand of Ramos in Eibar, which could have

Ninety minutes to culminate in a vibrant League

Luis Surez, during the match against Osasuna.GABRIEL BOUYSAFP Outstanding: Luis Surez The League will be decided on the last day. We cannot settle for less after the number of script twists that have occurred during the year. Including one in the penultimate act when Osasuna went ahead 15 minutes from the end after having resisted

Simeone’s talk that triggered the comeback

During the hydration break, with the score against, the Argentine met his players and sent them a specific message. Surez reaches 20 goals: “Don’t think you suffer so much.” Simeone gives instructions to his players.AFP A Luis Surez they had told him from time to time. Perhaps Godn chance Gimnez, for a thousand concentrations with

The outcome of the League is ahead of Saturday

LaLiga Santander 2020-2021 The competition, which had announced the last day for Sunday, rectifies: Atltico and Real Madrid will play on Saturday at 6 p.m. Simeone, during the match against Osasuna.GABRIEL BOUYSAFP The title of LaLiga Santander will be decided next Saturday, May 22, from 6:00 p.m., in the Valladolid-Atltico de Madrid and Real Madrid-Villarreal

The keys to the last day: score first and control emotions

Simeone, faced with the dilemma of deciding whether to join the quality of Joao Flix in the eleven with the punch of Luis Surez, both key against Osasuna. Simeone celebrates Sunday’s victory against Osasuna.EFE The League advances at the rate of thriller towards a denouement loaded with attractions, except for the capitulation of Bara, who

A Valium, please

Nacho celebrates Madrid’s winning goal at San Mams.EFE Be it Madrid or the Atltico, what was most needed was a Valium. A Valium, please, in the face of such paranoia, tragedy, comedy, madness or terror of two endings that are said with Hitchcock-touch, but I would define rather with the touch John Carpenter and his

Football, Atleti, life

Fans at the door of Wanda during the match against Osasuna.REUTERS If Atleti wins this League, which is still saying a lot, anything other than dissolving the club and refounding it in Regional with no other ambition than to hang out will be an attack on the health of its fans. This is not possible.