1 of the 3 hitmen who shot to death a teenager falls in Arraiján

Due to the nature of the incident, the Guarantees Judge, Carlos Fajardo, ordered preventive detention for the aforementioned, after the arrest, carried out by the National Police a few days ago, was declared legal. Yet man, that allegedly assassin yet young 16 years old, the past 26 of January past, in the sector of Howard

Pigs are fined in Arraiján

Multiple people sanctioned for him Justice of the Peace of the township of Burunga, district of Arraiján in the province of Western Panama, by violation of mayoral decree what prohibits the provision from waste on public areas. The people fined they had been retained during a operative made in hours of the early morning in

Minsa Capsi in Burunga operates in deteriorated facilities

A resident of the area stated that it is regrettable that this medical center is in such poor condition and that the medical care is not the best for the patients either. On complete external deterioration e indoor So operates the Minsa-Capsi, located in Burunga, Arraiján district. The health facilities show a unhygienic appearance, surrounded

They form a new informal settlement in Bique, Arraiján

Two days ago, families residing in the informal settlement “Nito Cortizo” in Burunga, Arraiján, were evicted by order of local authorities and the Ministry of the Environment. Panamanians without a decent roof they keep invading private and state lands in the Arraiján district. A new informal settlement It has been established in a sector of