Sánchez rejects Feijóo’s request to summon the presidents and warns the PP: "Laws are enforced"

The President of the Government, Pedro S.

Madrid Updated Monday, August 8, 2022 – 16:07 The head of the Executive defends that his savings plan is “coherent” and that it is “in line” with the rest of the European countries The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in Lanzarote.Adriel PerdomoEFE energy crisis The autonomous women of the PP request the withdrawal of

The historian condemned the idea of ​​the Polish MP to assess the “damage” from Russia during the war

The historian condemned the idea of ​​the Polish MP to assess the

Military historian, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov, in an interview with RT, commented on the statement of a deputy from the ruling Polish Law and Justice party Arkadiusz Mulyarchik that Warsaw needs to assess the damage “caused to Poland by Russia” during World War II. Gettyimages.ru © NurPhoto Knutov called

Taiwan? "I’m not worried" – Biden

Taiwan? "I'm not worried" - Biden

“I’m not worried.” It was with this statement that the president of the United States spoke this Monday about Taiwan. In statements to journalists, Joe Biden admitted to being concerned about the “movements” of China, which has been carrying out military exercises for several days. “I worry about this level of movement [por parte da

The Russian Intelligence Service denounces plans by Poland to establish control over "the most promising sectors of the economy" from Ukraine

Zelensky presents to Parliament a bill to grant a special legal status to Poles in Ukraine

Published: 8 Aug 2022 13:50 GMT Meanwhile, kyiv creates a legal basis to facilitate these efforts by Warsaw, including a law that “allows the sale of Ukrainian industrial companies at a 50% discount.” Russian Foreign Intelligence Service denounced this Monday Poland plans to establish its control over “the most promising sectors” of the Ukrainian economy.

Netflix: “Buba” causes viewer anger – “total junk”

Netflix: “Buba” causes viewer anger – “total junk” 8/8/2022 at 3:46 p.m The Netflix empire: The greatest successes of the streaming giant The Netflix empire: The greatest successes of the streaming giant show description With the TV series “Stromberg” Bjarne Mädel alongside Christoph Maria Herbst became one of the most popular actors in the country.

strong explosion in the sun

strong explosion in the sun

HISTORY IN THE DEBATETHE MOCHIS August 8, 1972 Government, causing the violence. The largest opposition party in Mexico has denounced in an open letter to President Luis Echeverría that 1972 has been a year of constant violence and terror. The letter, issued by the PAN, which controls 20 of the 213 seats in the Chamber

Weather Forecast: How’s the weather this week?

The SMN informed  Here is the forecast for this week in the province of Buenos Aires.  look  What is the weather going to be like in your city?

On Tuesday the sky is presented with a partially to somewhat cloudy sky, winds from the southeast and temperatures ranging from a minimum of 6 degrees and a maximum of 14 degrees. For its part, Wednesday will continue to be somewhat covered, with no probability of precipitation and temperatures between 4°C and 15°C. cold-la-plata-weather-climate-forecast-calle-2 The