The 10 most impressive photos of the second takeoff of Elon Musk's Starship

This weekend, SpaceX carried out the second test flight of its revolutionary Starship rocket, considered the most powerful on Earth. Even though the flight termin explosively, it was an impressive spectacle. Photographs and videos captured by Spacey, various news agencies and the public show the magnificence of the launch from the Starbase facility near Boca Chica Beach in Texas.

Although the flight was not perfect, with the explosion of the Super Heavy booster and the detonation of the Starship upper stage, SpaceX considers the flight a success. This release reached greater heights and durations than its debut in April, demonstrating significant advances. The mission provided valuable data for future improvements. The focus now is on analyzing these results to refine the design and operation of the rocket for the next launches.

The improvements, in particular, include a more controlled launch and the survivability of the launch pad, thanks to a water-based sound suppression system. These advances are crucial for the future development of Starship, which promises to revolutionize space activity with its reusability and its potential to carry heavy loads into space, opening new possibilities for space exploration and colonization.


A final inspection was carried out after a postponement of the date.


The views of takeoff were impressive both from the air and from the ground.

From Texas to heaven

The launch base is at the mouth of the Rio Bravo, southeast of Texas, USA.


A few hundred people were lucky enough to see this second takeoff of the Starship and witness a historic event.

A huge rocket

All 33 engines ran without problem.


After launch, the Starship must undock from the Super Heavy rocket.

Soaring through the skies

The Starship’s heat shield is made up of about 18,000 tiles.

The intact platform

Unlike what happened during the first test, on this occasion, the takeoff platform has been left in good condition.

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