Regency of the Page of Cups in Tarot cards: take risks in love and make new friends

Come on girls, we are fully immersed in that energy of “miracles” of the month of Sagittarius. On the 23rd the Sun enters this sign, although the lunar calendar already took us into it a few days ago. So since we are right now under the good auspices of Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, let us leave aside all those little things and feelings of lack that hit us in our heads many times and live and
make the best of expansive energy that is available in the universe right now.

This week, a regent who is in love with life, a
talkative and happy Page of Cups which represents teenage love, falling in love, I would rather say, naivety and joy. Its energy gives us the ability to live our relationships (of any kind) with the eyes of a child, expectant, happy, optimistic. It will give us a touch of thoughtlessness and madness and innocence, of freshness.

When it comes to love and relationships, like our ruler, we will be willing to
to take risks. Also very open to meeting new friends, to interacting with new people, with an incredible desire to connect and exchange life and new experiences.

Very important this week
pay attention to dreams and intuition. We may receive messages through them; We also have the High Priestess (II) in our spread, which indicates that connection with the hidden, the mysterious. And this combination also tells us about being open and available to be able to provide service to others. It could be the unconscious trying to contact you, giving you a stage full of intuitions, premonitory dreams and synchronicities. Your inner voice warns you to pay attention to your emotions, listen to them, don’t ignore them.

What does the regency of the Page of Cups mean?

The Page of Cups is the most innocent and dreamy child of all and speaks to us about kindness and compassion, while at the same time
invites us to believe in dreams and at the same time it invites you to do them. It encourages us to trust ourselves and warns us of the importance of giving ourselves time to play and dream. It is the enthusiasm, the creativity, the emotions of the beginning of a relationship, the unexpected nature of inspiration.

What is clear is that this regent always brings us
good news when it comes in Light. It is true that its energy can make us a little capricious, thoughtless, volatile and at times, it will push us to live everything too carelessly and even take unnecessary risks. But it is a fresh and exciting energy. Be careful not to get too wrapped up in their dreamy energy and let ourselves fall into situations that could lead us to be deceived (small scams, etc.).

The VII of Cups in the spread is talking about a state of altered consciousness, fantasies, daydreams and the
possibility of being trapped in illusions. So, be alert. May our regent, like a good messenger, bring us this warning to sailors.

As a heavier or shadow energy, this week we bring the V and IX of Swords, too much sword and mind, too much
density and mental conflict. The spread warns us not to let ourselves be carried away by this shadow that appears, because all is not lost.

Woman with Tarot cards/PEXELS

How the arcana are going to help you this week

Our Tarot is telling us, loudly, about a
mental conflict ending, but to do so, we are going to need to get our act together, defend our interests and, of course, clear our heads; Because, if we don’t clear our heads, this gets very complicated. He also advises us to bury the hatchet, in case we are in some type of dispute that requires strong mental and emotional exhaustion.

This time, the conflict is in the mind. Furthermore, we have an IX of Swords that leads us to the boredom of a recurring mental process that is literally leaving us exhausted. It’s time to
put an end to that nightmareand confess and say what we have been keeping quiet for a long time.

It also tells us about looking for the solution to that “conflict” outside, when the solution being a mental process
It is within us. Perhaps we have become trapped in old torments, thoughts, memories or there are wounds from the past that we have not healed on a mental level.

However, the IX of Swords tells us that the moment of
get out of the loop of the past once and for all to make things clear once and for all. And what better time than this week with the Page of Cups as regent… That’s right, now the time has come to speak and communicate what is happening to you without fear of being hurt.

To help our ruler, we also have this week the hidden, wise and subtle energy of the High Priestess (II). An arcana that gives you the possibility of
flow with emotional energy and maintain balance of things providing ancestral wisdom. He is a being with a great connection with divinity, which is why he understands the middle path, right between yin and yang, between darkness and light. So, his energy is a great ally to help us get out of that loop and connect with our intuition or that deep internal part.

Woman with Tarot cards/PEXELS

This is a good week to ask yourself:
Who depends on me emotionally? Am I the one who is emotionally dependent? What does your intuition tell you to do?
Who loves you without reservation? What am I holding on to that hurts me mentally?


GENERAL REPRESENTATION: Openness to love and new relationships with the eyes of a child. Be willing to take risks in love or relationships. Bring messages from your inner Wisdom above the motions. Knowledge, good judgment. Independence and autonomy. Retirement or seclusion.


LOVE: New relationships or very romantic and tender moments. Communication messages and news.

MONEY: It’s a good time, however, something makes us see things with caution. Attention to businesses of dubious origin.

JOB: Exciting projects that will require our involvement.

HEALTH: Overall improvement. Pay attention to mental processes and fears.

ADVICE: Search within yourself, listen to the inner voice that speaks to you, look deeper into where the obvious and superficial delves into the hidden and accept your polarities. Reflect, meditate, act with caution, follow your intuition, do what your deepest self wants to do and, above all, do not sink your gaze into fears and commiseration. Soak up the exciting energy of the Page of Cups.

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