He was born a girl and she came into the world as a man: now they love each other, want to get married and have children

DENVER, Colorado – Sometimes a love story begins when two souls meet and identify. Mariah was born in a boy’s body, while Alejandro came into the world in that of a girl. Years later, they met to share their love.

“Alejandro and I met at the club, he in the audience, me on stage. There was an instant spark,” Mariah shared, recalling the moment their paths crossed and their souls recognized each other.

From an early age, Alejandro knew that his identity was not aligned with the body he was born into. Family clashes and social pressure were obstacles on her path to authenticity. “My dad constantly questioned me about the way I dressed or the length of my hair,” he recalled, pointing out the challenges he faced to be recognized in his true essence.

The fight for recognition of LGBTQ+ couples has been an ongoing battle. Although progressive states such as Colorado, New York, California and Nevada provide certain labor and health rights, the majority of the nation still does not fully recognize these unions as family.

Alejandro shared how some defiant looks are a constant reminder of the intolerance embedded in society. “Sometimes the looks are uncomfortable, as if they question our existence,” he explained.

However, for both, love is the strength that defies any critical gaze. “I’m happy with my wife, and that’s all,” Alejandro said, reaffirming their relationship and his firmness in the face of other people’s judgment.

The future looks bright for this couple. “We want to have children,” Mariah revealed, an idea she had never considered until she met Alejandro. The possibility of starting a family is a tangible reality for them, since both are in a position to procreate.

“We don’t want to rush, we want to be ready, be responsible and provide the best for the child,” Alejandro shared, projecting their plans for a near future in which they aspire to be a full and loving family.

Between laughter and complicity, the conversation concluded with a hopeful look towards the future, where acceptance and love will prevail over discrimination and prejudice.

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