Sweet melilot infusion, the unknown drink that deflates the abdomen and helps you sleep

Just like January,
September It’s a restart, a starting over, and usually better than how we ended. That’s why we join the gym, go on a diet and start practicing that hobby we had on the shelf. And that desire to
lose weight They can be achieved by complementing healthy living with certain infusions that help lose weight and accelerate metabolism.

They are not magic formulas, but they have different potentialities. They can help you
remove liquidslike the ponytail, with which you would ensure a
flat stomach. There are also some that can contribute to more effective fat burning, such as nettle infusion or one that combines cinnamon with honey.

Taking a
infusion It will not free you from exercising or maintaining a balanced diet, but it can give you that extra touch that will make you obtain results more quickly. Specifically, the
melilot infusion It can help you with the odious fluid retention, thus eliminating abdominal bloating, among others.
benefits for the organism.

The benefits of melilotus infusion to lose weight

1. Relaxing effect

The melilot plant contains traces of
flavonoids, saponosides and phenolic acids, as well as tannins. This combination is what makes it an ideal infusion to reduce stress, increase relaxation and therefore help
To fall asleep at night. Do you think this doesn’t help you lose weight? You’re wrong. According to
Spanish Society of Endocrinology and NutritionSleeping little can cause an increase in the concentration of ghrelin, a hormone that regulates appetite, causing hunger.

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2. Eliminates abdominal bloating

An accumulation of fluids in the body can cause our belly to swell. Another benefit of this drink is that it is
detoxso it will allow us to naturally eliminate all toxins from the body and thus put an end to the swelling derived from
fluid retention.

3. Improves circulation

One of the active ingredients of this plant is
coumarinwhich stimulates
blood circulation and stabilizes the erythrocyte membrane, which allows it to be used as a remedy to improve blood circulation. This may not help you lose weight, but it will improve your
health in general.

4. End hypertension

Thanks to its properties
anticoagulants and vasoprotectorsmelilotus infusion is an ideal treatment for
high blood pressure. This helps us prevent possible cardiovascular problems, which would be enhanced by regular physical exercise.

How to make honeydew infusion




Put the water on the heat along with the infusion and let it boil for two minutes.


Cover the infusion and let it rest for ten minutes.


Filter the mixture, add honey if you want and drink it hot.

melilot It is contraindicated when the person suffers from a gastroduodenal ulcer, and in cases in which anticoagulant medications are being taken. Likewise, it is not advisable to exceed the recommended doses, since excessive consumption can cause nausea and headaches.

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