The 5 stretches you need to start the day right

More than on the right foot, It is important to start the day with some good stretches. Its benefits on our body are multiple: they help us be more active during the rest of the day, prevent the risk of injuries or promote blood circulation in the joints and muscles.

In this video, our physiotherapist Alberto Camacho (@clinica_cales_mostoles) teaches us five stretches that we can put into practice before getting out of bed. The goal is to focus on the entire posterior and anterior chain, as well as some specific muscles.

To stretch the lower back, we can lie on our back and bring our knees toward our chest., while both arms are crossed underneath. Next, we lift our hips slightly. Another way to work this part of the body is to position ourselves downwards, in a quadruped position, and stretch our arms as far as possible above the head.

Another exercise that Camacho recommends is Sit on the bed and, with your legs extended, push your chest forward, as if we were trying to touch knees with him. A fourth stretch would be to cross one leg over the other to work the entire gluteal area on this occasion.

Lastly, our physiotherapist suggests crossing one arm behind the back, while placing the opposite hand on the head, that we move it down. Thus, we manage to stretch the back of the neck and trapezius.

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