The Law & Order SVU character who looks exactly like Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad

A remembered secondary character from Law & Order SVU has been identified by fans as this universe’s version of the controversial Breaking Bad lawyer played by Bob Odenkirk, Saul Goodman.

Law & Order SVU It’s the drama of the network NBC which tells the story of a group of police officers who are dedicated to the investigation of crimes against special victims in New York City. The drama is starring the stars Mariska Hargitay in the role of Olivia Benson, Ice-T like Finn Tutuola and Peter Scanavino who plays Dominick Carisi.

Saul Goodman is the remembered mafia lawyer from Breaking Bad

Throughout its 24 seasons, Law & Order SVU has been applauded by fans who They recently realized that there are some similarities between a character in this series and another in Breaking Badthe remembered Saul Goodman of Bob Odenkirk which deserved its own spin-off.

This similarity was noticed by a fan, who posted a comment on the topic on the Reddit platform. Specifically, he referred to Rob Miller’s backstory (Titus Welliver) in Law & Order SVU which reflects that of Jimmy McGill, Saul Goodman’s real name. To begin with, both characters have a history linked to a family store.

In Better Call Saul, we learn that Jimmy’s father owned a store and that young Jimmy was exposed to the harsh realities of the world early on. An encounter with a beggar in the store taught him about the concept of “wolves and sheep”, encouraging him to decide which he wanted to be. This lesson shaped Jimmy’s future, pushing him towards the path of the “wolf”, where he often bends or breaks the law to get what he wants.

Rob Miller is the Law & Order SVU character similar to Saul Goodman

Similarly, Rob Miller’s backstory in Law & Order SVU reveals that his father owned a store and was frequently attacked by loan sharks. A traumatic incident in which these loan sharks took her sister into the back room, presumably raping her, left a lasting impact on Miller. This education led him to become one of the top ten lawyers in New York City, known for his fierce reputation and extensive connections. Like Saul, Miller’s past shaped his present.

Miller even shared the same “wolves and sheep” philosophy as Saul Goodman learned.. This is evidenced in episode 18 of season 20, titled Blackout, where Miller appears for the first time and says: “You are either a wolf in this life or you are a lamb. My father was a lamb. (…) I prefer to run with the wolves.” Both characters end up becoming successful lawyers and at the same time criminals.

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