Outlander: Why does Sam Heughan know the end of the drama and Caitriona Balfe doesn't?

Outlander has been one of the most popular science fiction dramas of the last decade, although it is based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, its author has not yet finished her last book. However, some cast members like Sam Heughan already know how it will happen.

For some time now the star of Outlander, Sam Heughanhas confirmed that the creator of the drama books Starz Diana Gabaldon, had revealed to him what the end of the story would be like. Although Heughan has not revealed how it will happen, fans have been wondering why his co-star and series main character Caitriona Balfe does not know.

Outlander: What we suspected about the final story of the drama

During an appearance at the ATX festival, the star of Outlander Caitriona Balfe and the executive producer Meril Davis revealed that only one of them -and Sam Heuhgan– knows how the romance of its characters Jamie and Claire will end.

Caitriona Balfe and the executive producer Meril Davis revealed who knows exactly how Jamie and Claire’s love story will end during an appearance at the ATX festival. While the series Outlander prepares to film its final season, the question arises: How does the author plan Diana Gabaldon finish your time travel epic?

While the second half of the seventh installment will air in 2024, filming of the eighth has been postponed due to strikes in Hollywood. According to Meril Davis, the eighth season will focus on the events of the ninth book. However, the saga of Jamie and Claire will continue in the tenth and final book, written by Diana Gabaldon.

‘No, he always keeps me in the dark,’ Caitriona jokes, then adds: ‘If I’m honest, I like mystery,’ host Reshma Gopaldas asks.

Outlander: What the end of Starz’s number one drama will be like

The Claire star admits there were days when she wondered what was next. Reshma Gopaldas commented that it was a big secret that she had to keep for 10 years, and then she addressed Meril Davis to ask her how many drinks she would need to go crazy and reveal the ending of Outlander.

“I’m not going to fool around. But to be honest, I read the last two or three pages that were supposed to be the end. I’m sure Sam read it, but I still don’t understand it.” She laughs.

“I keep wanting to ask Sam what he thinks, because he says, ‘I know the ending,’ and I’m like, ‘What does that mean? I’m not sure I understand it.'” she continues.

When asked if Caitriona Balfe She is the only one who doesn’t know how Jamie and Claire’s story will end, Meril Davis she is quick to respond that she and Sam, and of course Diana Gabaldonthey are the only ones who know. Caitriona then seems surprised to learn that executive producer and showrunner Matthew B. Roberts is not one of those who know. However, Meryl explained that he, like Caitriona, did not want to know anything until they are forced to. .

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