The series that is very similar to The X-Files, has 3 seasons and is on Netflix

Without a doubt, there is nothing and no one that can replace the magic of agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, the main characters of The X-Files series. But Netflix offers a series that is very similar, it also involves law enforcement and very strange science fiction events.

The X-Files It is irreplaceable, yes, but there are some other options on the different streaming platforms today that can be a consolation for the fandom, by combining science fiction, the scientifically impossible facts and the FBI in the same mathematical equation. As one of the best science fiction series of all time, it is difficult to find a production that is similar, but Netflix has something very similar in its catalog to watch.

Let us remember that The X-Files is one of the great science fiction classics on television (with 11 seasons and two movies), and the first to dared to bring together FBI special agents with paranormal factsinexplicable and even coming from another planet.

Released in 1993, The X-Files follow in the footsteps of the special agents of the FBI, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, played by actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny respectively, in charge of investigating the so-called Secret X Filesa compendium of unsolved cases, both by the FBI and other American security agencies, because they were scientifically inexplicable or simply seemed so implausible that they were completely discarded.

An interesting fact about The X-Filesis that the chain executives Foxthey wanted one Agent Dana Scully much more different than what we are used to. According to the actress Gillian Anderson herself and the series creator, Chris Carterthe television station insisted that the role of fbi special agent should fall on the Baywatch series star Pamela Anderson, being a more “traditional” type of beauty for the American public. Fortunately the criterion of Chris Carter won and Gillian Anderson took the rolemaking Dana Scully the iconic character she is now.

The series Viajeros has 3 seasons, it is on Netflix and although it is not as popular as The X-Files, it is quite similar

The series Viajeros is on Netflix, it has 3 seasons and is ready to marathon.

If you are a fan of The X-Filesyou are surely a science fiction enthusiast and this is precisely what it offers you this series of 3 seasons what is available in full on the Netflix streaming platform and that she is ready to marathon without interruptions. Is about Travelers or Travelers, a series involving time travel and possession of bodies by people from the future.

Travelers isstarring famous Canadian-American actor Eric McCormackthe same as He played Will Truman for 22 years in the famous sitcom Will & Grace. In Travelers, Eric McCormack plays FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren, the leader of a group of travelers from the future who have possessed the bodies of 21st century inhabitants in the moments before their actual deaths. His objective is to establish himself in our time and avoid the apocalypse that has plunged humanity into chaos, war, hunger and despair in the very distant future.

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