Does Letizia make peace with the princesses?  The kings invite Elena and Cristina to the private party for Leonor's 18th birthday

Last June, Infanta Cristina brought the family together to celebrate the graduation and 18th birthday of Irene, her youngest daughter. They all traveled to Geneva. All except Kings Felipe and Letizia and their daughters, Sofía and Leonor. A few weeks later, another
family reunion announced It went to waste: despite the wishes of the queen emeritus, neither her children nor her grandchildren met in Marivent.

This is the context in which the great family reunion that has been announced for months is being prepared, this time with the acquiescence of Casa Real. It would not be at the request of Infanta Cristina or a concession to the grandmother and queen emeritus Sofía, but because of
the 18 years that the future sovereign Leonor birthday is October 31st. In other words: everything would happen under the roof and rules of Kings Felipe and Letizia.

After the swearing in of the Constitution, there will be a private party

If the news given by some confidential sources such as ‘Monarquía Confidencial’ is confirmed, after the
oath of the Constitution of Leonor in the Cortes, a ceremony in the Royal Palace in which she will receive the Collar of the Order of Carlos III and a lunch with the highest authorities of the State, the kings and their daughters will go to Zarzuela. There they will celebrate, privately, the future queen’s 18th birthday.

Without lights or stenographers, the most momentous meeting the organization has ever held will take place.
royal family since 2014, when King Juan Carlos I agreed to abdicate so as not to taint the Crown with his scandals. If everyone
receive the invitation which seems to have been sent, the party will be attended by Kings Felipe and Letizia and their daughters, the emeritus Sofía and Juan Carlos I (
who will not go to court) and the infantas Elena and Cristina.

Kings Felipe and Letizia and their daughters Leonor and Sofía, at the princess’s graduation at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales. /

real home

It is understood that the
sisters of the monarch, although quite distant from Zarzuela since the Nóos case broke out and the former Duke of Palma was convicted, they will be able to go to Zarzuela with their children. Victoria Federica and her mother have it easy, since they live in Madrid, but it remains to be seen if the Urdangarin and Froilán
can travel to Spain.

Undoubtedly, this meeting can
mark a before and after in public consideration of the true state of family relations of the Bourbons. We know nothing about phone calls, Zoom meetings or WhatsApp messages. Even
encounters may have occurred of which we know absolutely nothing. However, for public purposes, tensions between King Felipe and his sisters continue.

Leonor has invited her entire family to her birthday

Could this be the end of these tensions? Will this meeting finally bring some peace to family relationships? It could be so, although in view of the list of guests at the
private party in Zarzuela for Leonor’s 18th birthday can also be interpreted as a mere commitment. All those close to the princess are invited, both Borbón and Ortiz.

The shocking arrival of the Spanish royal family, almost in full, at the funeral of King Constantine of Greece, last January. /


Will the Marichalar and the Urdangarins, and their respective mothers, attend the call of the future Queen Leonor or will they stay at home? Without a doubt, it is a complicated situation, but declining the invitation would make future reconciliation difficult, not only between Kings Felipe and Letizia and the Infantas Elena and Cristina, but
among the cousins ​​themselves. Everything indicates that they will go to Zarzuela, although we will not have photos to prove it.

The last time we saw almost the entire Borbón family was in the
funeral of Constantine of Greece, last January in Athens. The entire king’s family was there, except Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía. So there were photos, although not of the
close up of King Philip and his sisters, but of Marie-Chantal of Greece and Letizia. The most difficult yet.

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