'The Raven' returns to the cinema after his curse seeking to devastate Marvel and revolutionize superhero films

Alex Proyas did the impossible by adapting The Raven in 1994. The film, which was his film debut, would mark his path in the industry and carve out a legend, often dark and tragic., about the creation of a film that would forever mark the Seventh Art and the genre of comic book adaptations on the big screen. Proyas, who later signed the excellent dark citysigned the legacy of the character, embodied by Brandon Leeson of the legend Bruce Lee, who died during the filming of the film due to a tragic accident with a blank pistol. Now in 2024the legendary Eric Draven returning to theaters in 2024 with Bill Skarsgrdseeking to break the curse of this saga forever and promising, in the words of its director, to leave Marvel and its superheroes behind.

The Raven return to the cinema in 2024 with an ambitious film that promises to break the curse on the saga and the character

The Raven has suffered many setbacks in its reboots, sequels and attempts that sought to change the character’s fateful fate on the big screen.. We are talking about a film that has taken more than two decades to come to fruition, a record even for Hollywood, which tried to bring it to fruition in 2008 and which has passed through several hands, actors and examples of reinterpretation – with Jason Momoa leaving by legs when did not see it clearly -, without any being approved or too strong and solid enough to materialize in a film. It was talked about Stephen Norrington, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, F. Javier Gutirrez and Corin Hardy, and actors like Momoa, Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans and Jack Huston. There was no way to find the formula. Until now.

Right now, with several strikes hitting Hollywood, the miracle is happening. There will be a new movie The Ravenand yes, it is not a mere promise: it is shot and is in its final stages. The film was completed in September of last year, and at this moment, it is more than assembled and ready for a place to be found on the screens. And it is not a lie or a simple rumor. The film will arrive in 2024with Rupert Sandersfilmmaker responsible for Ghost in the Shell – The soul of the machine and Bill Skarsgrdthe clown ITEMgiving life to the mythical character of Eric Draven, a milestone in cartoons, who undertook revenge in the comics, returning from the dead, to avenge the death of his wife.

After Lee’s version, who went down in history with that role, and years after the premiere of the original, the failed The Crow, City of Los Angeles, with the Swiss actor Vincent Pérez, a failure with a French flavor that buried the license forever. Later, Marc Dadascos starred in a 22-episode series who was unlucky. And what can we say about the two films from the early 2000s.

The new version of The Raven It is the anti-Marvel film: it aims to revolutionize the superhero genre

The new adaptation of James O’Barr comic It is one of Lionsgate’s big releases for next year, and producer Sam Pressman has confirmed to Deadline that aims to revolutionize the superhero genre and take Marvel by storm. And he doesn’t have it easy. The Raven It is one of the cult films most loved by fans of the world of comics, but the work was marked by the death of Brandon Lee, the protagonist, who lost his life in a sequence after being shot by Michael Massee, an actor. secondary man who was wielding a 44 Magnum and who claimed to have no knowledge that the weapon in question was loaded.

With 50 million dollars in his hands, a moderate investment, the film’s producer is clear: it is a unique film that is going to change everything. “The Raven has been a very important and integral part of our company and I am very proud of the progress and work that has been done. I think people are going to be amazed by the movie. Our partners want to approach it in a very 360 way, whether it be video games, an animated series or a universe, but it has this cosmic legacy that can expand beyond a singular story,” confirmed the creative. “It is a unique license, It’s not a studio movie, it’s not a Marvel movie – it’s kind of an anti-Marvel movie. I have high hopes for her “and I love what Molly Hassell has done to take it to the top, and Rupert Sanders is a visionary,” he concluded.

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