The Disappointing Yellowstone Plot Flaw That Fans Didn't Forgive

Yellowstone fans discovered a hole in the series’ plot after the fifth season of the Paramount+ series, which makes sense of one of the most shocking stories between John Dutton and his daughter Beth.

Yellowstonethe multimillion-dollar success of Taylor Sheridan that is transmitted on the platform Paramount+lost its protagonist, Kevin Costner. With this departure, the series’ options to present an ending that pleases all fans are reduced. However, no one has lost hope yet.

What they did lose hope for is that the series will mend a terrible plot hole that opened in the first part of season 5 during a scene shared by John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly), and who wanted to reveal before the eyes of Reilly’s character one of the biggest secrets of the Yellowstone ranch.

The plot hole revolves around Yellowstone’s “The Train Station.” The scene in question also takes place at the end of the first half of season 5, when Beth discovers the existence of the train station, a rural area beyond the Montana border towards Wyoming, where the Duttons are executed and They dispose of the corpses of their enemies.

When Jamie (Wes Bentley) tells Beth about the existence of the train station and his family’s association, she acts surprised and distressed by what he tells her. She then goes and talks to her father, John Dutto, and asks him where she is. But according to Reddit users Beth already knew at that time about the existence of the train station because she was there with Jamie in the fourth installment of Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone Season 5 Plot Hole That Fans Didn’t Forgive

Jamie Dutton unintentionally takes Beth to the train station in Yellowstone season 4

In the Yellowstone season 4 finale, after Jamie kills his biological father and leaves him at the train station, Beth is seen waiting for Jamie. She even takes a photo of Jamie and the dead body which she then threatens him with. Some Reddit users allege that Beth could have followed Jamie there, so she may not have known exactly where she was going. While others insist that Beth was parked there before Jamie arrived, mainly because she steps out of the shadows behind him.

“I didn’t think they were at the train station, I thought they were at Jamie’s ranch and that she had surprised him dragging the body to his vehicle,” noted one fan on Reddit.

But according to another user on the platform, when you watch the clip again, the Wyoming border sign comes into focus before Jamie gets out and parks the car. This leaves no doubt about the error and calls into question the memory of the Yellowstone writers.

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