Why should you change your work chair for a Fitball?

The low back pain (lower back pain) and cervicalgia (pain in the neck and upper back) are two of the most common pathologies that appear as a result of spending hours sitting in front of the computer. Javier Soucase, trainer and physiotherapist at CIM Formación, points out that the reason for the pain when sitting in front of the computer is that the back and its muscles they resent postures held for more than 30 minutes.

In general, in office jobs, people spend hours in the same position, which can be harmful for those who have any muscle pathology and, in the long term, it can lead to new pain or aggravate existing ones. In addition to spending hours in the same position, the lack of proper ergonomics, such as a properly adjusted chair and desk, can add strain to your back and neck. If we add to that that we adopt a bad posture when sitting, muscle tension is served. As if that were not enough, many jobs cause stress that generate muscle tension in the upper back, which can trigger or worsen pain.

To combat both neck pain and low back pain, in addition to active exercise, it can be very beneficial to use a Fitball ball as a chairsince it helps activate both the superficial and deep muscles while we are sitting.

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