These are the benefits of having strong glutes (some will surprise you)

Strength exercises are becoming more and more important in sports routines. It used to be thought that exercising was walking, running, cycling or swimming, but more and more people are thinking about other types of less cardiovascular training. Among the most famous exercises currently are those focused on strengthening the gluteus.. This is because it has been seen that having this area strengthened helps prevent many injuries throughout the body. Thus, the gluteus has an important function, for example, in the prevention of anterior cruciate ligament injuries or in the prevention of patellofemoral syndrome.

On the other hand, Having strong glutes is essential to gain agility, security and explosiveness in movement. This is important for runners, for example, especially on slopes, but also in other activities that include running or jumping.

Furthermore, having this area strong and fit is key to avoiding injuries to the lower back and lower back, as well as the knees.

It is clear that having a strong gluteus is important but How do I get it? For many, this is a challenge because there are many exercises but not all of them help in the same way. In this video, our personal trainer Víctor Téllez explains a very simple exercise that everyone can do. With it you can strengthen this area without much effort or material.

The trick is to work in time with your breathing.

If you missed any tricks, tips, exercises or training, you can access this link. And if you have questions, you can contact Téllez through his social networks.

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