What's new from Spotify: a daily list created with AI

Just as video streaming services, such as Netflix, Prime, Disney Plus or HBO, to name a few, update their features, Spotify (the most used of online music streaming services) also often brings new properties, some requested by users and other house brands. And the last of them has to do with the creation of daily lists conceived from artificial intelligence.

OK with an advertisement On its own website, throughout the day, your mood changes and so does the music you listen to. The thing is, you are constantly changing and your playlists should change too. So we have created the daily list. This new unique playlist on Spotify, brings together niche music and microgenres that you normally listen to at particular times of the day or on specific days of the week. It updates frequently between sunrise and sunset with a series of very specific playlists created for each version of you. It’s hyper-personalized, dynamic and fun, as it reflects what you want to hear right now.

To access the list, simply enter Spotify in the Day List section and, based on your music and schedule preferences, suggestions will begin to be created that you can modify to make it more faithful to your tastes. Obviously, not all of them will be your favorite songs or even recognized groups, because the algorithm identify groupsmelodies or styles similar to those you usually listen to.

This option is available for free and premium users in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland and will soon arrive in Spain, both for computers and mobile devices. The daily playlist is updated several times a day and you can see when your next update will be from the playlist page on mobile.

The bad news (not to mention that we still don’t have this option in Spain) is that the list, as its name suggests, is daily: the next day it will no longer be available. The good news is that if you really like a specific list, It is possible to save it and make a copy by touching the three-dot menu, scrolling down to “Add to Playlist” and then selecting “New Playlist.” It will be saved in the library, as long as the 24-hour period has not expired, obviously.

We can also share the daily list through three different options:

A ready-made screenshot of your daily list

A social media sticker that captures the essence of your daily list

A changing shared card with up to four different background graphics depending on the time of day you post your daily list.

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