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The escape and recapture of Danelo Cavalcante They were from a movie. After two weeks of searching, the Brazilian-born murderer fell on Wednesday morning without the police firing a single bullet. He was in a wooded area located 15 miles from the Pennsylvania prison from which he escaped on August 31.

This 34-year-old, 1.52 meter tall Brazilian escaped from the county prison Chester days after being sentenced to life sentence without parole for the murder of his ex-girlfriend ex-girlfriend Deborah Brandão, 33 years old. The crime occurred in 2021 in Virginia.

On Wednesday of last week, a video was released about what the escape was like.

In the images, the inmate is seen in the area where the inmates exercise, and at one point he uses his feet and hands to climb the wall like a spiderman and reach the ceiling. Once up, he is not seen by the agent who is in the watchtower, so run across the roofscales a fence and makes his way through the barbed wire to the street.

For 14 days he managed to elude the authoritieseven though they saw him multiple times in the county Chester. His image was also recorded on several home security cameras.

The convict stole a truck and appeared at the houses of people he knew years ago, more than 32 km outside the search perimeter, details the chain .

Charles Lymana farm owner, said he believed that Cavalcante was on his property on two occasions: once in a horse trailer and another in a tree house, according to CNN.

Lyman added that They stole five granola bars from the trailer.

“With that he got a snack,” he commented. “She was living off granola bars for a while.”

Danelo Cavalcante had changed his appearance during his escape. (AFP).


A day before his capture, the police had reported that Danelo Cavalcante He had a rifle that he stole, and announced that the agents would kill him if he tried to use it. “It is absolutely dangerous,” authorities said.

Police learned he was armed after receiving a call from a resident who reported that a shirtless man had entered his garage and grabbed a rifle. The location was the township of South Coventry, about 32 km north of the prison.

The owner of the house fired his gun at Cavalcante while he fled. A green sweatshirt and a white T-shirt were found near the driveway, CNN said.

Danelo Cavalcante after being detained by the police.  (AP / Matt Rourke).

Danelo Cavalcante after being detained by the police. (AP / Matt Rourke).

This was the capture

The final hour of Danelo Cavalcante started last Tuesday nightwhen the burglar alarm of a house located in Prices Road. This allowed the police to reduce the search perimeter.

It was not found immediately, but a DEA plane located a thermal signal and began tracking him. However, a storm forced the aircraft to withdraw, he details. .

A heavily armed tactical team, with search dogs, waited out the storm and, shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday, arrived at the area where the heat signal was recorded.

Then, teams from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and Border Patrol agents based in El Paso, Texas, proceeded to stealthily enter the forest to catch the fugitive by surprise.

Cavalcante did not realize that he was being surrounded.

When I was already cornered, Cavalcante tried to crawl through the thick undergrowth and resisted, but a dog from the US Border Patrol Tactical Unit bit him and subdued him. He didn’t have time to use the rifle.

Seeking Cavalcante had finished.

“Cavalcante hadn’t realized he was surrounded until that had happened. That did not stop him from trying to escape, he tried to escape by crawling under thick bushes, with the rifle. “One of the members of the CBP BORTAC unit had a dog, he let it go and subdued it.”said Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens.

“He was taken by surprise and did not have the opportunity to use his weapon. And I think the dog played an important role in that.”Bivens added.

About 500 security agents,

including members of the Pennsylvania State Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the FBI and the US Marshals Service searched for Danelo Cavalcante.

Then Cavalcante appeared in the media images that broadcast the operation. He was dressed in dark pants and a Philadelphia Eagles hooded jacket. Numerous heavily armed officers escorted them to the back of an armored vehicle. He was handcuffed and was bleeding from the dog’s bites, which attacked him on the neck and scalp.

The police had to apologize for the photo that the officers took surrounding Cavalcante.

The police had to apologize for the photo that the officers took surrounding Cavalcante.

Danelo Cavalcante's photo follows his capture.  (AFP).

Danelo Cavalcante’s photo follows his capture. (AFP).


The crime for which he was convicted

During the trial in which he was sentenced to life in prison, the Pennsylvania Prosecutor’s Office said that Cavalcante stabbed 38 times Deborah Brandão because she planned to reveal to authorities that he was facing a murder charge in Brazil.

Before, in December 2020, Brandão had requested a protection order for abuse, because Cavalcante had attacked her and threatened her with a knife, according to court records.

Based on court documents about the testimony of the woman’s seven-year-old daughter, CNN reconstructed what the crime was like.

Brandão’s daughter, identified as JB in the judicial statement, she witnessed her mother’s murder and was later interviewed by the police.

The girl said that she was with her mother and her younger brother when Cavalcante, identified by the girl as Brandão’s ex-boyfriend, came to her house and “said that he was going to do something bad to their lives and took two knives out of a black bag.” that was behind his back.”

Cavalcante pulled Brandão’s hairmaking her fall, got on top of her and began stabbing her, “saying he was going to kill her,” the girl told the police.

The daughter said that she began to scream and that Cavalcante threw a stone at him, that hit him in the leg.

During the attack, the mother asked the girl to get help. The minor went to a neighbor’s house and he called 911. Then the daughter saw Cavalcante escape in a black car.

The girl was able to identify Cavalcante in a photograph, according to the court statement. “That’s him, that’s the guy who killed my mom. “Please catch him and put him in prison.”he told the police, pointing to the photo of the criminal.

“We have evidence that suggests that when he was captured in Virginia, his ultimate goal was to go to Mexico and then to Brazil, which is his native country.”said prosecutor Deb Ryan.

During the trial, prosecutor Ryan, who led the prosecution against Cavalcantetold Judge Patrick Carmody that he had witnesses who indicated that the victim had told members of her family that she would alert the police about the accusations that the attacker had in Brazil if he “messed” with her.

In his native country Brazil, Cavalcante He is also wanted for a homicide case that occurred in 2017, which led him to leave the country. That year he killed a man who owed him money.

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