Kamala Harris tries to mobilize the Latino vote with a speech focused on the economy

The vice president of EU, Kamala Harristried this Monday to mobilize the Latino vote in the face of the 2024 election with a speech focused on the economic measures that his Government has taken to create jobs, help small businesses and lower the prices of medicines.

Harris addressed the annual conference of UnitedUSan organization that defends the civil rights of the Hispanic community and that this year met in Chicago.

Think of all the work we have done together and what it has meant to so many people in the last two and a half years. Before we took office, many will remember that small businesses were having a hard time. Factories were closing across our nationHarris began.

However, Harris continued, with the arrival of the US president, Joe Bidento the White House in January 2021, 13 million jobs have been created, of which 800,000 are in the manufacturing sector, and unemployment among Latinos is at its all-time low.

Specifically, the unemployment rate for Latinos stood at 4.3% in June, according to the work Department.

Apart from talking about economics, Harris mentioned the need for US Congress to approve an immigration reform that regularizes the millions of undocumented migrants who live in States.

Particularly well received by the public was Harris’s mention of the migrants who work in the fields, the “dreamers” who arrived in the US as children illegally and the beneficiaries of the so-called Temporary Protected Status (TPS) that the Government grants to nationals of countries in conflict.

Congress must create a path to citizenship for dreamers, those with Temporary Protected Status, and farm workers!cried Harris as the audience erupted in applause.

Worse received were the words of Harris on abortion and the ruling issued a year ago by the US Supreme Court to end federal protections to that right, allowing each state to set its own rules about when and how a pregnancy can be terminated.

When Harris advocated for the right of women to decide about their bodies, there were several tables that did not applaud.

According to data from the center PewHispanics in USA have more conservative views on abortion than the national measure.

Specifically, a majority (57%) believe that abortion should be legal in all cases, a lower percentage than the national average of 62%. In addition, four out of ten Hispanics consider that this procedure should be illegal in all cases.

The economy, however, the issue on which Harris focused the most, is one of the areas that Hispanic voters give the most importance to, regardless of whether they are Democrats or Republicans, according to the Pew center.

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