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Tips to take care of the battery iPhone while charging are diverse. It is one of the most important components of Apple equipment that must receive special care if the life of the equipment is to be guaranteed.

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Here are five recommendations to charge your iPhone without ruining the battery, according to an expert.

Use certified cables

Many choose to charge it overnight in order to use the equipment without problems during the day. Although this can be done, it is important to use certified cables to reduce as much damage as possible during the charging process.

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less than 20%

It is not recommended to let the iPhone drop below 20% battery to just put it to charge. Besides, iOS optimized charging is suggested.

Temperature control

The iPhone can be used while charging, but if the ambient temperature is less than 0°C or higher than 35°C, it is better not to.

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Charge equipment as it is used

In the same way, it is recommended to charge the cell phone as it is used and keep it between 40% and 80% battery.

Run fast charging only when necessary

Fast charging harms battery life in the long term, so it is recommended to use this option only in very necessary cases.

It is important to note that equipment batteries tend to wear out sooner or later as time goes by. So try taking care of them excessively is not an option, just follow the care and thus you will be able to preserve them correctly.

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