AI Imagines 8 Future Apple Devices With Incredible (and Weird) Results

Artificial Intelligence has imagined what the future of Apple will be like: incredible devices at a very high price in most cases.

AI imagines amazing products designed by Apple

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the products of that 2023, with the permission of Apple Vision Pro. Applications like chatGPT have succeeded in offering new perspectives and visions that we did not think were possible, And the same is true of artificial intelligence applications that They are able to create images.

The immediate future of Apple goes through devices such as the aforementioned Apple Vision Pro and the iPhone 15, but Apple is a company that has been launching new devices for almost fifty years and there is still much to explore. What will Apple release in the future? AI has responded with incredible results.

The future of Apple according to AI

MidJourney is one of the artificial intelligences that best creates images on the market and on reddit Some people have thought of asking about the future of Appleresulting in these incredible products:

  1. Apple Jetpack: $119,999. Who has not ever wanted to fly away and reach their destination faster, with this accessory from the future Apple you will be able to achieve it, who needs an Apple Car?
  2. Apple Robot: $69,000. The future that we all imagine will have robots that do things for us and, why not, Apple could launch its own for a small fee.
  3. Apple Jeans: $69. Steve Jobs always wore the same clothes, why not sell them.
  4. Apple Toilet: $10,169. For that price it would have to be good, the AI ​​must have imagined something.
  5. Apple Teleport: $29 million. What would the future be without teleportation, although it will not be cheap according to MidJourney, for only 29 million dollars you can travel wherever you want.
  6. Apple Orange: $29. An apple with an orange peel, but where’s the bite?
  7. Apple Ship: $1 trillion. The ship with which to travel to other planets could be made by Apple, although we hope that it can transport many people for that price.
  8. Apple Knife: Free. Few things Apple offers for free, but here’s a knife.

As curious as the device itself is the price it offers, from free products to others that would cost a trillion dollars. Of course, any resemblance to reality will be mere coincidence and it is highly unlikely that Apple will launch devices like thesealthough you never know what the future will bring.

There is no doubt that AI is here to stay, both in professional fields and simply for leisure. In this case, at the cost of Apple’s future.

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