LEGO’s first racing game is very familiar and has an ambitious open world.

LEGO 2K Drive combines realistic elements with blocky constructions

The first impressions of LEGO 2K Drive they were promising. An open-world game built on the blocks of other titles in the Danish franchise is an always engaging premise. This time he is not accompanied by a Warner Bros. film series, but tries to build his own story based on sets like LEGO Creator or LEGO City, more focused on street furniture. The player becomes a pilot to develop his career through circuits in Bloquelandia until he reaches the Heavenly Cup. This system works for the first few hours and loses power along the way.

The new one collaboration between LEGO and 2K results in a seemingly very ambitious first driving and racing game. LEGO 2K Drive is a title of family character that falls into contradictions from the home screen, where the micropayments they make an appearance. A combination that is not understood and is trying to be covered with a complete vehicle editor to dedicate many hours. LEGO 2K Drive has several editions for sale, following the style of games like NBA 2K.

+ Pros

  • The varied worlds of LEGO
  • It has a lot of content for hours
  • Play locally with split screen

– Cons

  • Gets very repetitive soon
  • Micropayments weigh down the experience
  • progression is artificial

LEGO 2K Drive: all the information

LEGO 2K Drive
Platform PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC
Release date May 19, 2023
developer Visual Concepts
Gender Driving, Racing
multiplayer Competitive Online 2-8 players, Local 2 players
Language Texts and voices in Spanish

Experience with LEGO 2K Drive

Despite everything, this racing game has much to offer both adults and children. It is a very accessible adventure, simple mechanics, which brings immediate fun where speed is the great protagonist. arcade racing that They don’t demand much of a challenge., but that they fulfill their main objective of entertaining. The environments are visually amazing and a very satisfying driving experience. Without a doubt, it is a proposal to which LEGO has not accustomed us, but it is a double edged sword.

This wide range of public makes him to make mistakes bulk. From the first moment you have to use a 2K account as Parental control to access online content such as multiplayer or the store. LEGO 2K Drive wants to be a family game, but it has a lot paid content which is not easy to access by other methods. At least it does include local multiplayer with split screen to enjoy the world challenges in company.

LEGO 2K Drive (PS5)

LEGO 2K Drive (PS4)

LEGO 2K Drive (Xbox Series X|S)

LEGO 2K Drive (Nintendo Switch)

Story mode with a lot of humor

LEGO 2K Drive is made up of a history mode, whose ultimate goal is to win the Celestial Cup. A tournament that, as its name indicates, is held in heaven, but first you have to complete all the races of three different biomes. We started engines in the center of Blockland, where Fito Afondo he becomes our mentor. With 4 controls we can now go out and compete and discover everything that this so colorful open world.

LEGO 2K Drive

Fito Afondo will be the mentor in the player’s career

the conversations are a bit childish with funny jokes like any LEGO game and often ridiculous names like Ali Ennosoy, Dra Prisias or Johnny Freno. There are no story missions -except for a couple of minigames-, but rather races against bosses they become those main quests. Everything else is optional challenges and tasks that over time become repetitive. For a moment, the plot is quite secondary and irrelevant because you will want to get lost to discover every corner.

Open world full of challenges

The interesting thing about the game is not those races, but the challenges found around the world. There is a biome of green prairies, another arid one reminiscent of the Colorado’s canyon, gold mines and a dark world where it is always night. Each one has its peculiarities, inhabitants and very detailed locations with many destructible elements. LEGO 2K Drive combines elements built with LEGO bricks with realistic details which does quite well such as lighting and reflections on aquatic surfaces.

LEGO 2K Drive

The open world is full of challenges, races, missions and collectibles

When exploring the scenarios, dozens of challenges, tasks, races or the garages that serve as fast travel. The tasks are orders from NPCs to catch thieves, collect little blue pigs, find a horse, destroy gravescatch dolphins and many more things that use the same 4 mechanics always. World Challenges are races and other tests for make your own record, you can even compete with a second player in split screen. For example, there is a Blocklander hideout that emulates the popular children’s game and where the speed is in the background.

Finally there are the On the fly that are tests with 3 medals according to objectives, much more difficult than the races. Races against rivals can be completed without problems, while you will have to repeat the other challenges over and over again to get the gold. While they are optional, sometimes you will need to do them to gain experience. Also, the game constantly rewards with ingame currency for buy vehicles, exclusive parts to build or cosmetic elements to customize the cars. The problem is that in the end everything becomes repetitive.

Simple gameplay and artificial progression

LEGO 2K Drive

You can get very fancy cars, but the progression is artificial

The game wins integers in the most exciting races, despite the undemanding difficulty. The control of the cars is very fluid, as well as skidding or using the turbo. This gameplay system works as it has in other games before. In this case you can get turbo destroying objects in the circuit and it is the moment of glory of the enhancers. They are the most fun part of the races to annoy the rivals with missiles, webs, a fruit launcher and other advantages to advance to the rest.

It’s a pity that it takes so long in the loading screens because these paths are very enjoyable. Each circuit has its shortcuts, ramps and other elements that you can use to your advantage. races combine three types of vehicles: road, off-road and aquatic. We’d like to say that attributes (speed, driveability, health, acceleration) give the game more depth, but really the differences are not much appreciated because of that imbalance in difficulty. To this we must add a series of advantages that can be obtained by playing to configure even more your style of play.

LEGO 2K Drive

The Blocky Hideout is a challenge that can be done with another player.

And it is that progression is artificial. The feeling is that with any car you can win the story mode races without much effort. victories give very extravagant vehicles and curious, but in practice they are not a substantial improvement, except for Fito’s cars. It’s a shallow system which invites you to look at other possibilities in the store, but the cheapest vehicle costs 10,000 coinblocks.

Game modes: competitive online and local

Good news is the local multiplayer with split screen both in story mode and in individual races. All content found in Blockland is available separately to play with friends, just like online multiplayer. The championships of all locations are made up of 4 races and the minigames are special missions story mode. Without making spoilers we will tell you that they mainly focus on rescue NPCs and run over supernatural beings. A modality where more original ideas have been lacking.

LEGO 2K Drive

In this minigame you have to defend some towers from the alien attack

Also mention the vehicle editor, where you can modify any car you get. even do it right from the start. A very useful tool for LEGO fans because the options are huge. many can be done crazy cars that you can use within the game, follow templates and customize without limits. If you can imagine it, you can build it.

LEGO 2K Drive Final Rating

LEGO 2K Drive does a lot of things right in races, challenges, and a absurdly beautiful world that you want to explore and destroy. You can tell it wants to be a family game in many ways like silly humor, but in others stumbles noisily. It has an unbalanced difficulty, too easy in the main tournaments for which it is not necessary to have a very powerful car. vehicle attributes seem irrelevant and there is no progression system beyond levels.

LEGO 2K Drive

The third world is inspired by the paranormal with ghosts and other creatures

The experience of driving is very satisfying on any surface, especially on circuits. there is a big variety of layouts which can be repeated outside of story mode solo and with other players. The local mode with split screen. The challenges and missions are a great claim, although they become repetitive. Apart from that, it is possible to get lost to find all the collectibles and get the gold medals that are the more difficult. It is full of micropayments that do you a disservice.

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