Two leaked images on a Korean forum show a first look at the new foldable that Sony has in hand called the Sony Xperia Compact, although some users are already commenting on a serious design problem.

As reported GSMarenathrough a new rumor that has arisen in a South Korean forumSony would also like to continue participating in this madness for folding mobiles with a novelty: Sony Xperia Compact.

The company seeks to break with the almost monopoly of Samsung foldables with this launch, but the leak includes two renders that show what this new brand would look like and the truth is that It has left many with their mouths open. The big problem they perceive is the absence of an external screen on the smartphone.

To clarify, the smartphones of this type launched at the moment have a double screen, one internal and one external.

Despite the novelty and insistence in the folding market, it seems that Sony chooses to eliminate the external screen in its new and future Sony Xperia Compact. It is true that this extra screen increases the price of this type of smartphone, but its disadvantages are clear, right?

A folding mobile without an external screen?

The reality is that it allows users have quick and easy access to basic information without having to fully unfold the device. They can see notifications, the time, the weather, and other important data at a glance.

To this we must add that opening the foldable mobile completely and using the main screen consumes more battery than simply using the external screen for simple tasks. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the continuous wear and tear of opening and closing the mobile and the risk of damaging the main screen of the device is reduced.

While not having an external display may mean losing some benefits, there may be cases where manufacturers feel this is sufficient compensation based on design preferences, cost and other factors that are relevant to users.

Without an external screen, the device can weigh less. On the other hand, it can be more resistant to bumps and scratches or, for example, you could opt for the idea of ​​focusing on improving the main screen, battery life, camera capabilities or other key functions.

The truth is that for the moment It’s time to wait for this novelty from Sony, its price and see if it really ends up permeating a market in which it seems that users are still quite reluctant to invest a large amount of their money in this type of smartphone.

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