The BE coordinator, Catarina Martins, reacted this Sunday in Porto to the suggestion of the PS president, Carlos César, of government remodeling, pointing out that even among the socialists there are those who notice the situation of fragility of the Government.

“I think that even in the PS there are those who see that there is a situation of absolute fragility in the Government and that, therefore, it is necessary to act”, said the blockista leader in statements on the sidelines of the Desobedoc Festival, which she attended today at Cinema Trindade.

He also said, with regard to Carlos César’s suggestion, that it was “truly unsustainable that the Prime Minister continues without pronouncing” after the latest controversies, recalling that they are “cases involving several ministers, which involve contradictions within the Government, which involve the functioning of the Government itself in a dossier, TAP, which the Prime Minister has so many times called directly to him and which, therefore, he knows well, so nobody understands this silence”.

Asked whether this was a strategic silence, Catarina Martins replied: “I don’t know if it’s strategic, but it’s a bad strategy for the country for the Prime Minister not to give explanations when necessary”.

Regarding the commission of inquiry for TAP proposed by BE, he emphasized that it “is demonstrating that there are a series of decision-making processes in the Government that cannot be accepted in a Government of a democratic country and in a rule of law such as Portugal, which take it seriously”.

“What I fear is that TAP is a symptom of the way the Government works. In any case, surely, we have to do all the work in the TAP commission of inquiry (…) and that is why we requested the contents of the computer of the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, because we believe it is important to understand everything that is happening. passed”, said the deputy.

And he insisted: “It is essential that the prime minister speak as soon as possible. We have a very fragile government, Minister João Galamba is in a very complicated situation, but he is not the only one in this situation. It is incomprehensible that the Prime Minister has nothing to say to the country”.

Catarina Martins explained that the request for access to the contents of the former deputy minister João Galamba’s service computer for the parliamentary commission of inquiry is justified because it is “the only way to know whether or not there was an attempt to omit information to the commission parliamentary investigation” and also to be “certain that the commission has access to all the information it needs to do its job”.

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