How many devices can use the Polsat Box Go service at the same time and how many profiles can be created in it? It is questions like this that make many potential viewers of streaming platforms still hesitate before buying a subscription. Today we will dispel all doubts about the service from Telewizja Polsat.

Polsat Box Go – table of contents

Polsat Box Go how many devices can use the service – we explain the problematic issue

Are you bored with big streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+ or maybe you are just looking for a new platform that will offer “something” new? If so, it’s worth taking a look at Polsat Box Go, i.e. the service for which Telewizja Polsat is responsible (surprising right?). Interestingly, the characteristic feature of this player is that depending on the package, the service will adapt to the user’s preferences. In this arrangement, viewers who are looking for thrills in movies, series and our Polish programs should choose the Premium option. Meanwhile, sports fans can turn their attention to the package with the Champions League, UFC galas and a lot of other attractions.

There is no denying that Polsat Box Go encourages closer contact, but if you decide to buy a subscription, it is worth focusing on this how many devices and profile this platform supports. As part of this text, we will try to explain quite clearly and clearly any problematic issues around these topics.

Polsat Box Go how many devices can use the service and how many profiles can you set up on it?

When looking for an answer to the main question of this text, it is best to go to the official website of the service, where we will find some of the most important information. Below you will find an excerpt Polsat Box subscription description Go, which directly relates to today’s topic.

It is possible to watch TV on up to 3 mobile devices (set-top box + 3 mobile devices). Download the Polsat Box Go application from the store Google Play, App Store, AppGallery or log in to the website The range of channels depends on the packages purchased and active at the time.

Well, in this case, you probably don’t need to look for a second bottom. You can play VOD materials and TV channels on three mobile devices simultaneously and additionally on a set-top box. In practice, this means that the costs of purchasing a subscription can be divided between three people. What costs will we incur then? First, let’s look at the basic prices of individual packages (promotional amounts introduced by Polsat in the period from March 1, 2022 to June 31, 2023).

  • Polsat Box Go Premium – PLN 30
  • Polsat Box Go Premium with Disney+ – 50 PLN
  • Polsat Box Go Sport – PLN 40
  • Polsat Box Go Ukraine – 15 PLN

After dividing the individual amounts by three, you will pay PLN 10 for the Premium package, PLN 17 for Premium with Disney+, PLN 14 for Sport, and PLN 5 for Ukraine. Let us remember, however, that monthly fees must be paid via one payment card, BLIK or integration with a Plus account.

How many profiles will a user create in Polsat Box Go?

Polsat Box logo

The issue of the number of devices that can play streams in Polsat Box Go has been clarified, so now we should look at the case number of profiles. It turns out that here the matter is also very simple. As Telewizja Polsat emphasizes on its website, One to five profiles can be set up on the platform with one subscription.

Of course, each of them can be freely named, and its content will be used by selected people. Thanks to this, you can easily finish your favorite series or a program interrupted in the middle at the exact moment when you had to turn off the TV or mobile device. In addition, the list of movies to watch will not get mixed up with the preferences of other subscribers.

Polsat Box Go how many devices can use the service? It’s worth watching

Technical issues are behind us, so at the very end it’s worth taking a look at Polsat Box Go offer. Below you can familiarize yourself with the offer of individual packages available on the platform.

Polsat Box Go Premium and Polsat Go Premium with Disney+ – live channels

  1. Polsat
  2. TV4
  3. Polsat News
  4. Polsat News 2
  5. Events 24
  6. Polsat 2
  7. Polsat Games
  8. Fast&Fun Box
  9. GameToon
  10. CI Polsat HD
  11. Polsat Comedy Central Extra
  12. Cinemax HD
  13. Cinemax 2 HD
  14. Paramount Network HD
  15. Cinema Poland
  16. TV cinema
  17. Warner TV
  18. AXN
  19. AXN Black
  20. AXN White
  21. AXN Spin
  22. BBC First
  23. AMC
  24. 13th Street
  25. ScienceFi Universal
  26. Comedy Central Poland HD
  27. FOX
  28. FOX Comedy
  29. Epic Drama HD
  30. Sundance HD
  31. Romance HD
  32. Novella TV
  33. FilmBox Premium HD
  34. FilmBox Family HD
  35. FilmBox Arthouse HD
  36. FilmBox Action HD
  37. FilmBox Extra HD
  38. Nickelodeon
  39. NICK JR
  40. NickToons
  41. teen nick
  42. Cartoon Network HD
  43. Cartoonito
  45. Da Vinci
  46. Disney Channel
  47. Disney Junior
  48. Disney XD
  49. 4Fun Kids
  50. Nick Music
  51. Duck TV
  52. Polsat Doku
  53. Viasat History HD
  54. Viasat Explore HD
  55. Viasat Nature HD
  56. Discovery Channel
  57. Discovery Science HD
  58. DTX HD
  59. Discovery Life HD
  60. ID
  61. History
  62. History
  63. stories 2
  64. AnimalPlanet
  65. Travel Channel
  67. National Geographic Wild
  68. Nat Geo People
  69. National Geographic
  70. Water Planet
  71. Doc Box
  72. Polsat Cafe HD
  73. TLC HD
  74. Food Network
  75. BBC Lifestyle
  76. E!
  77. Polsat Play HD
  78. MTV Poland
  79. BBC Brit
  80. ESKA TV
  81. Polsat Music HD
  82. Polo TV
  87. 4 Fun TV
  88. 4Fun Dance
  89. Cinema Polish Music
  91. MTV 00s
  92. MTV ’90
  93. MTV ’80
  94. MTV Hits
  95. MTV Club
  96. 360 tune box
  97. FashionBox
  98. TV Republic
  100. CNN International
  101. TV Deals

Polsat Box Go Sport – live channels

  1. Polsat
  2. TV4
  3. Polsat Sports HD
  4. Polsat Sport Extra HD
  5. Polsat Sports News HD
  6. Polsat Sports Fight HD
  7. Polsat Games
  8. Eurosport 1 HD
  9. Eurosport 2 HD
  10. Polsat Sports Premium 1
  11. Polsat Sports Premium 2
  12. Eleven Sports 1
  13. Eleven Sports 2
  14. Eleven Sports 3
  15. Eleven Sports 4
  16. Canal+ Sport 3 HD
  17. Canal+ Sport 4 HD
  18. ExtremeChannel
  19. FightBox HD
  20. Golf Channel Poland
  21. Fast&Fun Box

Polsat Box Go Ukraine – live channels

  1. Polsat
  2. TV4
  3. Nickelodeon Ukraine
  4. 1 + 1
  5. Kyc Kyc
  6. X-Sports
  7. StarCinema
  8. StarFamily
  9. UA Drama movie
  10. Quarter TV
  11. Dacha

As I have already mentioned, by purchasing a specific Polsat Box Go package, you will get access to the live channels listed above. However, this does not mean that the wide range of services ends at this point. Platform users can also enjoy such attractions as: movie and series library (Premium package), entertainment programs and reenactment shows (Premium package), pre-premiere episodes of selected series of Telewizja Polsat and TV4 (Premium package), access to the Disney+ streaming service (Premium with Disney+), highlights and replays of individual sporting events (Sport package).

Polsat Box Go Sport package offer

  • UEFA Champions League
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • La Liga (selected matches)
  • PlusLiga
  • UFC
  • Top league
  • Polish Cup
  • National team matches (selected)
  • Fortune 1 League
  • Ski Jumping World Cup

Polsat Box Go Premium package offer*

  • Polish TV programs (eg. Love Island, Your Face Sounds Familiar, Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars Whether Hell’s Kitchen)
  • Wide library of movies and series (eg. Joker, Sherlock Holmes, John Wick, Max Max: Fury Road, Gone Girl and Servant of the Nation).
  • *For Polsat Box Go Premium z Disney+the subscriber also receives a subscription to the Mickey Mouse streaming platform

Polsat Box Go how many devices can use the service? Summary

If you have reached this point of the text, you surely already know the answer to today’s puzzles, i.e. Polsat Box Go, how many devices can use the service and how many profiles can be created in Polsat Box Go? The most important thing has been explained, so I can refer you to ours with a clear conscience other texts related to the Polsat Box Go and Polsat Go platforms. Below you will find relevant links to selected items.

photo. Pixabay by Alehandra13

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