The other day, in The Applesfera Talks, I was talking with my colleague Pedro Aznar about WWDC23, future operating systems, and so on. One of the things we discussed was iOS 17, and at one point, Pedro asked me what I was asking for, personally, from the next iOS. I was quite clear. It is something that I have been claiming since I can remember: make the minimum brightness lower.

I explained in Las Charlas that there are times when the minimum brightness on the iPhone is still high, at least for me. Some viewers in the comments agreed with me.. After talking about it, I commented that a temporary solution is to reduce the white point in iPhone Settings. Pedro told me “that’s a post”, and it was true. Here it is.

If Apple doesn’t do it, we do it

If you also feel that sometimes the minimum brightness is not low enough and want a way to temporarily work around it, your solution is called “reduce white point” and it is found in the Settings of your iPhone.

It is not the definitive solution, but it is a good alternative

For this you are going to settings on your phone. Then scroll down to find the section Accessibility. Once there, click on Screen and text size. Scroll down until you come across the option “reduce white point” and activate it. Finally, you will notice how the brightness of the screen will drop quite a bit, even if you thought you had it at a minimum. Also, you will see a small bar to further intensify that reduction.

This is a good solution for those moments in which you need to have less brightness than the default, minimum is understood. Obviously this solution is neither the ideal nor the definitive one, but as long as Apple does not allow you to do otherwise, is what we have.

The echoes of the iPhone 15

Yes indeed, remember to deactivate the option once you are done. It would not be the first time that this editor worries because even with high brightness, the screen is very dim, only to later remember that this option was activated.

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