As a child, Evgenia Brik was the center of the universe for her parents and grandparents. She carried the image of an ideal family through her whole life and eventually created her own warm hearth with Valery Todorovsky. “Valera gave me three roles that you can only dream of,” the actress said about her participation in Vise, Stilyagi and Thaw. – Rarely come across such scenarios and such heroines. And the fact that they are not the main ones, so sometimes a secondary role is a thousand times more important than any main one. In The Thaw, I played in a scene about which everyone who read the script said: “Lord, who will play this ?!“ This seven-minute scene in which my heroine, naked, sits on a bench at the entrance and smokes, is like a small performance that represents the entire film. Why didn’t I play the lead role? Well, because it was not for me … “

Self-critical and modest, good-natured and attentive – Evgenia made an indelible impression on those around her. Everyone knew that she was a faithful wife, a caring mother of Zoya’s daughter, a great friend and a sympathetic person. And it was her, beautiful, dreamy and in love with life, that an insidious disease took at the age of 40.

Then, on February 10, 2022, colleagues were discouraged by the news of the death of Evgenia Brik. Not fond of disturbing others, the actress hid that she was battling cancer. She lost the battle, and to this day, friends and fans complain about the injustice of fate, which took away the artist from the audience, and young Zoe from her mother. What do those who are not indifferent say about such an early burnt out star?

Those who didn’t really know her

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