Ana Obregón’s maternity at 68 years of age has put on the table like never before the surrogacy debate In our country. This is the method that the actress has chosen to be the mother of her second daughter, after the death of Alex Lequio three years ago. The news has caused positions to be taken from practically any area: among the VIPs, there have been defenders, such as Georgina Rodríguez, and detractors, such as Ana Peleteiro. To the many opinions has now been added that of Tamara Beaniewho resorted to this practice in 2015 to have shilahis first daughter together with Ezequiel Garay.

This was the process of surrogacy for Shaila, the first daughter of Tamara Gorro

Tamara Gorro’s complicated experience with motherhood

Gorro has spoken openly on many occasions about her experience trying to become a mother. After not obtaining the expected results in the traditional way for years and after almost twenty frustrated attempts at in vitro fertilizationFinally, the presenter decided to resort to this technique, with which her firstborn came into their lives.

Two years later, the family would expand with the arrival of Antonythe Benjamin, thanks to assisted reproduction. Tamara and Ezekiel they would try it later with the adoptionbut they would end up paralyzing the process after they were asked for huge amounts of money to adopt Dylan, a Ugandan boy.

When the news of Obregón’s maternity was released, many eyes focused on the influencer, who decided to keep a low profile during the first hours. The woman from Madrid shared in her stories the publication with which Ana broke her silence, adding the emoticon of a heart. Due to labor issues, she did not have more time to talk about it. But she has taken advantage of her reappearance on television in the program ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’, to give their opinion regarding the controversy, also narrating their own experience with surrogacy.

Why has Ana Obregón left the hospital in a wheelchair?

Why has Ana Obregón left the hospital in a wheelchair?

Tamara Gorro explodes against the detractors of surrogacy: “I have not bought any baby”

Tamara has recognized that what happened with the actress has removed many things from her. “Very identified by the amount of unfair blows he is receiving”, has pointed out, indicating that there is a lot of misinformation regarding this matter. And in the opinion of those opposed to the procedure, who understand it as a sale of babies, he has exploded.

“I am hysterical, nervous and offended. I have not bought any babyDo you know what we are getting with this? foment hate, and it is what I have been fighting for for seven years that my daughter has. because maybe tomorrow They tell my daughter “you are bought”, Has exploded. “If surrogacy is regularized, It will be the first to gestate for those who need it and that is called love, not buying babies“, he has claimed.

First words of Ana Obregón after learning about her motherhood and reactions from her environment

First words of Ana Obregón after learning about her motherhood and reactions from her environment

Calmer later, the presenter has admitted that there are things that still hurt a lot. “I put myself so much in the place of women (…) It’s so bad, that one for pleasure does not resort to this“, he has argued. Gorro has declared that he is “completely against” the mistreatment of a woman or a man and, more specifically, that “a woman is forced to do something against her will”. But my case is not like that “He wanted to clarify.

La Gorro has commented that the amount of damage that is being done to Obregón, with whom she has been equated, seems “outrageous” to her, despite the fact that she did tell everyone about it to “be free.” “With me there was a lot of revolution, but not that much”he has compared, revealing that he did have “encounters” with politicians, that he was hurt a lot and that he faced obstacles when it came to registering Shaila in Spain.

This was Tamara Gorro’s experience with surrogacy

The influencer has remembered how she lived the surrogacy process with whom she had her eldest daughter. Tamara contacted an agency, and her surrogate received a report about her and Ezequiel, they met by video call (since the woman lived in Utah, United States), they accepted “mutually”, and the process began. According to her testimony, since the American pregnant woman tested positive for a pregnancy test, a judge supervised that the two parties complied with everything agreed.

Tamara Gorro talks openly about her relationship with Garay after their separation

Tamara Gorro talks openly about her relationship with Garay after their separation

Garay’s ex-wife has clarified that in his case there was no financial compensation. “What there is is that a pregnancy supposes an ultrasound, medicines … the expenses of a pregnancy would be missing more than she would pay for them,” he has wielded. “I don’t say ‘give me my account number and I’ll make you a deposit’,” she defended herself.

Tamara has characterized her case as “naturalness”, explaining that, for example, she went shopping with the woman who gave birth to Shaila. She is referred to as pregnant: “The mother is me, she is my surrogate”, has pointed. He was present at the birth, along with her husband and this woman’s mother-in-law. “Do you know how she cried? That’s beautiful,” she recalled. At the time when “the American” (as he refers to her to avoid giving her name) gave birth, Shaila went into the arms of Gorro. “Mother and father is the one who raises, the one who teaches, the one who educates and the one who gives love. And I am no longer talking only about the gestation, but in general,” she has defended.

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