Subsequently, the elected members of Parliament will have to choose the country’s legislative authorities, including the island’s president and vice president for the same five years.

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Cuba celebrates this Sunday elections of deputies to the National Assembly. More than 8 million citizens are summoned to elect the 470 members of Parliament.

Once they have assumed their responsibilities, the elected members of Parliament will have to choose the legislative authorities of the country, including the president and vice president of the island for the same five years.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel underlined the high expectations of the people in this process: “We came to this as part of a truly democratic exercise, meeting with people, popular participation, where sensitivity to listen has predominated.”

The president also made reference to the entire internet campaign against these elections, led by the US Embassy in Havana. “We would have to see how the US government would react if our embassy, ​​which acts ethically in the US, and which respects what bilateral relations are, did the same,” he stressed.

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