“The Biggest Loser”: cheating scandal in the Sat1 weight loss show: “Fraud doesn’t belong here!”

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Physical strength here, weakness of character there. In “Life made easy” (SAT.1), the body overfilling is constantly decreasing – and the pressure to perform is increasing. “We give everything,” everyone says. A strong stumbled over ambition and became weak: he cheated. Cheat alert in the weight loss camp!

It was dark when Salvo (37) got lost on the wrong track. “You could hear it very clearly,” said Manuela (25). One would have liked to have ignored it, because it was unheard of: A member of the conspiratorial overweight community from “Life made easy – The Biggest Loser” (SAT.1) stabbed his fellow campaigners in the back.

Sure, everyone wants to “give their all” to get to the final. But “everything” meant physical exertion, discipline, perseverance. But not unfair means. But the unimaginable happened: a weight loss camper, Salvo, cheated.

The nightly cheating scandal was the sad low point of an eventful sixth week in the slimming camp on Naxos. In addition to the moment of human weakness, there was a health drama, a moment of unexpected happiness and monumental achievements on the scales.

And, that should not be forgotten, also a character comeback from Salvo: With a guilty conscience, he confessed to the assembled team that he was cheating and sincerely apologized for it. “He was weak, but that shows human strength,” said not only camp manager Christine Theiss (43).

Metatarsal fracture while cheering: Matea off!

It started with bad news and a comeback. Matea, a strong Austrian, injured herself while cheering (!) after her brilliant Challenge triumph. The supposed “sprain” turned out to be a veritable metatarsal fracture.

That meant the end for the 31-year-old – and the unexpected return of Oelsi (36). He was eliminated last week because of the tiny 0.01 percent weight loss.

Because you can’t go through the couple mode announced for the sixth week alone, Phillip (27) needed a new partner after Matea’s departure.

The return of Oelsi was acknowledged with astonishment and joy by Phillip and with group cuddly cordiality by the others. So everyone came to the presentation of the weekly task in a good mood – and everyone’s mood plummeted immediately. Because it was about filing wood.

“You’re not serious!” sighed Ása (48) on behalf of everyone. “The only other thing I file is my nails.” Leon threatened Tacheles: “It won’t be fun, it will be brute force!” And Valentina became philosophical: “I like trees, but I don’t like wood.”

Salvo’s frustration misleads him into cheating

The fact that Salvo unfairly attacked the wood at night (“put the knife on and then hit it twice with the pan”) was not only due to frustration at the tedious woodwork. Blessed with Taekwondo experience and huge ambition, Salvo quarreled about forming a pair. Not that he doesn’t like his partner Torsten (42). But he felt held back by him.

“I work like an idiot, but I’m blocked by my partner’s health problems.” Especially in couple training, Salvo couldn’t go as fast as he wanted because Torsten couldn’t go faster. He felt the pressure: “I’m afraid we’ll get kicked out because of me.”

Then at night Torsten rattled, Salvo had file shift and probably dark thoughts of failure. It was easy for the little devil on the shoulder. “Come on, the few shavings you’ve cut out. Nobody will notice.”

However, some noticed that the colleague was loudly chiseling with pan and knife. Because Salvo wasn’t the only one who worked tirelessly even in the dark. But Salvo’s guilty conscience set in immediately. The very next day he apologized, embarrassed and all-encompassing.

Valentina lets her partner down

The group accepted the apology, but residual doubts remained. “He lost with me,” said Robert (34) disappointed. “Difficult, this is about trust. It’s also said, ‘Anyone who lies once…’.” One of them wasn’t surprised. In the third week of the camp, the opponents had to assess each other. Ása had identified Salvo as the most potentially cheat prone at the time.

“He walks over corpses. If he gets the opportunity, he cheats.” At that time they had still eyed the others doubtfully, now Phillip lowered his head respectfully: “Great knowledge of human nature.” Ása, the good one: “Yes, but I’m sorry that I was right. ”

Cheating and regret here, total misunderstanding there. The couple Laura (24) and Valentina (34) acted completely past each other. Valentina was too fine for filing, preferred to protect her eyes and nerves – and brought Laura’s, who worked all night, to a boil. Coach Ramin Abtin (50) was not amused, but Valentina, the fiery Sicilian, didn’t care. “I’m a lone fighter and I’ll pull it off.”

Stupid when it’s called couple mode. Pia (29) and Silke (40) demonstrated how to do it right. At first, the former “didn’t feel like it at all” on the latter. Then we spoke out and rocked together from then on – and successfully!

Seven pounds! Torsten breaks the camp record

In the challenge, which led up and down the marble steps of the picturesque mountain village Apíranthos, Pia and Silke fought for third place and thus a 500 gram bonus for the scales. Second place went to Ása and her partner Robert (750 grams bonus).

Confident winners: Daniel (37) and Leon (24), who harmonized perfectly, especially when answering the questions: five tasks, five correct solutions, gives a lead of almost six minutes and a bonus kilo. But they didn’t need that at all. They became “Kings of Filing”, which was rewarded with “Immunity” and thus direct entry into the next round.

The others had to tremble more or less. Salvo less. Because his partner Torsten finally burst the knot: he lost 7 kilos, weighs under 200 kilos “for the first time in years” and contributed the lion’s share to the top result of 11.1 kilos. Torsten set a record with his 7 kilos: Nobody has achieved such a bombastic result since the boot camp week. Even Oelsi was topped, who took his second chance and lost 6.3 kilos.

Supergirl Pia triumphs, Manuela and Sandra cry

Supergirl became Pia at minus 4.4 kilos, and minus man became Robert, who only lost 1.5 kilos. In terms of couples, it was – unsurprisingly – tight for the disharmonious Laura and Valentina (minus 4.7 kilos) and Manuela and Sandra (minus 4.9 kilos). Ultimately, Manuela and Sandra (48) had to go because their weight loss was 0.11 percent less.

But Manuela and Sandra also have the chance to qualify at home for a return to the camp. “We will return as a couple,” Manuela sniffed with tears of farewell. The deadline is the tenth week of camp. Not long to go…


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