Why doesn't soda actually hydrate you?  This is how the drink works in your body

The soda is one of the most popular drinks in the world for which, especially in summer or in hot seasons, it seems thirst a glass of soda with ice. But its bubbly sensation will not help you hydrate and could have the opposite effect.

According to the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, these sugary liquids are at the end of the list of those recommended for health care, since their ingredients can harm your body if consumed in excess.

Why drinking soda could dehydrate you?

According to National Institute of Public Health contain a high sugar content, so they would affect the kidneys. In addition, they contain many calories, which is why soft drinks are related to heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Although cola and orange soda are considered the most harmful, neither generates dietary compensation, but they are highly energetic without providing nutritional values ​​to the body.

It may be tempting to eat them for the taste, but eating them could dehydrate you and these are the reasons. First, its sugar causes the human body to use water to digest it and transform it into energy, which is stored in the muscles to later become fat, which is not healthy.

Because it contains caffeine, it causes fluid loss as it is a natural diuretic that helps us get rid of water and salt through urine. When drinking them, the body temperature also increases, so more liquids are discarded with sweat.

This carbonated drink -no matter if it is a normal or light version- stands out in its canned or bottled presentations, but it is not what you need to stay hydrated and healthy, since specialists recommend drinking drinking water daily.

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